Public Buildings and Grounds

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Appraisal of real property, after loss or damage, by Department of Insurance - SB 191
Capital construction projects, procurement requirements for - HB 155
Capitol grounds, monument displaying Ten Commandments, relocate on - SJR 57: HFA(18),(20),(21)
Eminent domain by local boards of education - HB 284
Historical and religious documents in public buildings, display of - SB 90
Impact fees, local governments may levy - HB 924
Museum of Kentucky Agriculture, feasibility study - SCR 79
Prevailing wage, exemption, school districts and postsecondary educational institutions, construct. - SB 237
Public health facility, patient or resident, disease testing of - HB 429: HCS
School facility construction plans, financing and approval of - HB 261
Terroristic threatening, use of weapon of mass destruction - HB 47: HCS

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