Parks and Shrines

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Camping fees in state parks, exemption, disabled and disabled veterans - HB 905
Civil War Battlefield Task Force, study - HJR 99
General Burnside Island State Park, feasibility and cost of new state park and lodge - HJR 61
Grants for parks and recreation, increase in - HB 844
Lake Herrington, feasibility and cost of new state park and lodge - HJR 61
  • accommodations, bleacher safety inspections - HB 115: SCS
  • accommodations, bleacher safety requirements - HB 115: HCS, HFA (1),(2),(3)
Purchase of development rights program, combination with a parks & maintenance program - HB 742: HFA(1)
Recreational trails, contract and agreement review exemption - SB 88
State parks and lodges, feasibility and cost of - HJR 61: SCA(1),(2)
  • credits for donation of land and personal property for parks projects - HB 844: HCA(1)
  • levy, combined purchase of development rights and parks - HB 742
  • management plans, additional restrictions upon lethal plans - SB 105: HFA(1)
  • management, authorization for Fish and Wildlife to manage wildlife in parks - SB 105

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