Interlocal Cooperation

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Advisory Committee on City and County Relations, creation of - HCR 147
Agreement for transfer of territories - HB 916
Consolidation of counties, method of funding - HB 476: HCA(1),(2)
Counties and cities, permit agreements with school boards to provide road work - HB 61: HFA(1)
East Kentucky Corporation, addition of counties to - HB 287
  • contract review committee, exemptions to review - SB 149: HFA(1)
  • contract review committee, testimony and evidence - SB 149: HFA(2)
  • contract review committee, testimony under oath - SB 149: HFA(3)
Interlocal agreements, joint undertaking, allocation of costs - HB 61
Permit sheriffs to use interlocal agreements - HB 275: SFA(1)
Transient room tax, prevent expenditures for construction or maintenance of out-of-state facilities - HB 584: HFA(1)
West Kentucky Corporation, addition of counties to - HB 287: HCA(1)

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