Distilled Spirits

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City, county, or commissioner or magisterial electoral district, local option election in - SB 247: HFA(5)
Criteria for retail licenses, acceptable evidence of possessory interest - SB 215: SFA(1)
Inconsistent distilled spirits licenses, determination of - SB 247: HFA(2)
Inspection of premises where sold - HB 934
Manufacturers and importers of distilled spirits and wine, rebate coupons, use, authorization for - SB 215
Prohibition that deliveries not be made by special agents or solicitors, elimination of - SB 215
Requirement that wholesalers sell distilled spirits and wine in uniform size containers, elimination - SB 215
  • license, indicia of possession, criteria for issuance - SB 303
  • sale of alcoholic beverages at automobile race track, license for - HB 463
Sale of alcoholic beverages at drive-in window, prohibition against - HB 701
Sampling license, restrictions - HB 472: HFA(1),(2)
  • distilled spirits and wine - HB 472
Supplemental license fees - SB 247
Wholesale tax, reduction in rate - HB 996: HFA(6),(7)

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