Courts, Fiscal

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Annual compensation of magistrates, require CPI adjustment - HB 538: SFA(1)
Budget, ensure that clerk's and sheriff's contains sufficient salary for clerk and sheriff - HB 1024: HFA(1)
Co. Employment Retirement Sys., fiscal court members, participation in - HB 1015
Coal County Capital Access Fund, establishment of a guarantee fund - SB 193
Compensation for coroners, allow expense allowance - SB 159: HCA(1)
Containing cities of first or second class, exclusion for additional transient room tax, conditions - HB 584: HFA(2)
  • budget deadline, amendment to - SB 101
  • budget, decrease in amount expended in fourth year from 65% to 55% - SB 255
  • budgets, allow penalty for overexpenditure of - SB 255: SFA(1)
  • judge/executive, responsibilities of - HB 893: HFA(1)
  • officers' salary schedule, fiscal court approval for future increases - HB 961
  • ordinances, power of counties to establish fines and penalties for violation of - HB 931
  • ordinances, powers of counties to establish fines and penalties for violation of - SB 302
  • real estate, transfer prohibited if involved in labor dispute - SB 284
Hazardous duty retirement for coroners, appropriation of county funds for - HB 590
Inmate accounts, uses of - HB 991: HCS
Monthly expense account for magistrates, allow increase for - SB 74: HFA(6)
Motor vehicles, liens attach for delinquent real property taxes - SB 375
Multicounty sanitation district boards, appointments to - HB 412
Overweight permits by fiscal court for county roads, repeal provisions - HB 32
Prisoner phone calls, rates charged, contracts with phone providers - HB 977
Prohibit exceeding of budget amounts, decrease penalties for - SB 255: HCA(1)
Property, county, disposition of real and personal - HB 127
Require legal advertisement prior to disposition of surplus real and personal property - HB 127: SCS
Sanctions for overexpenditure of county budget to be brought in local jurisdiction - SB 255: SCS
Solid waste education funds, available for - HB 959
Taxicab deregulation, authorize - HB 287: SFA(3)
Transient room tax, increase for urban county governments by fiscal court - HB 656

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