Cities, Fourth-Sixth Class

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Albany, Clinton County, reclassification of - HB 471: SCS
Annexation of city of sixth class into other city, date of election - HB 909
Audits in cities of the sixth class, financial limit from $25,000 to $75,000, increase of - HB 253
Claims against government - HB 602
Election officers, municipal races in cities of 5th or 6th class, who may serve - HB 413
Hollow Creek, in Jefferson County, reclassification of - HB 56
Municipal college, establishment in a city of the third or fourth class - HB 903
  • license fee exemption - 2nd--5th class cities and counties - SB 163: HFA(1)
  • license fee exemption, 2nd - 5th class cities - SB 74: HFA(9)
Pioneer Village, reclassification as fourth class city - HB 62
Public notice in counties containing cities of the 4th class or less - HB 1027
Support of postsecondary education, public purpose - HB 903: HCA(1)
Taxes, Occupational license fees, credit - HB 925
Tourist and convention commissions - SB 133

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