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Contact Your Legislator

Whether you are a member of a school or civic group, or simply visiting on your own, it is always a good idea to contact your local senator or representative to seek their assistance in setting up a trip to the state Capitol. They can arrange for passes that allow you to sit in the House or Senate galleries above each chamber when the legislature is in session. Regular legislative sessions are held between January and April in even-numbered years and between January and March in odd-numbered years. Committee meetings during the interim and regular sessions are open to the public and no special passes are needed. Special legislative sessions may be called at any time by the governor. Throughout the year, interim committee meetings are scheduled, primarily on Tuesday through Thursday, and the public is welcome to attend.

2018 Kentucky General Assembly Directory - is a listing of membership (Past Directories).
Email Your Legislator

The maps with the legislator photos are now located on our maps page - Click Here

Preparing For A Visit

Free publications are available to assist teachers who wish to bring their classes to Frankfort to observe the Legislature at work. They are available in bulk, although there is sometimes a charge for postage. There are also general interest publications about the legislative process along with a video presentation, A Look at the Kentucky General Assembly, that may also be obtained to prepare for a visit to the Capitol. Always check the Legislative Calendar before making a trip to Frankfort, to see if there have been any last-minute scheduling changes.

Points Of Interest

Free guided tours of the new Capitol building are available daily, beginning at the tour guide's desk in the rotunda. Other points of interest in Frankfort include the Old Capitol, the Governor's Mansion, the Lieutenant Governor's Mansion and the Kentucky History Center.

Directions and Maps

Directions (pdf format) to the Kentucky State Capitol.
A city map (pdf format) of Frankfort.
Capitol Grounds Walking Tour (pdf format).