Videos available to Public
The Legislative Research Commission's Office of Public Information produces numerous video presentations on various legislative functions. Among these is the popular "A Look at Kentucky's General Assembly". This video is also available online. You can also watch "The History of the LRC" online, an 18 minute presentation outlining the history of the Legislative Research Commission.
In addition, the Office of Public Information maintains:
  • An archival record of all in-house DVD's it records, edits and produces;
  • A permanent record of committees and chamber activities recorded by Kentucky Educational Television on DVD.
Copies of these DVD's are available to members of the general public for a nominal fee of $10.60, which includes shipping, handling and Kentucky state tax.
For information on the availability of videos, please email :, or contact:
LRC Public Information Office - Videos
Room 023, Capitol Annex
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone (502) 564-8100 ext. 599
An online archive of recent legislative activity is also available at