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OEA Complaint Resolution Process

Below is a graphic representation of the process typically employed when the OEA receives a complaint.

The complaint process typically unfolds as depicted above.  The steps usually involved are as follows:
  1. A written complaint is filed with the OEA.  This may originate with a hotline call, or the complainant may choose to file a complaint without first consulting with OEA staff via telephone.
  2. The complaint is logged in and assigned to the approriate OEA staff for review.
  3. The complaint is analyzed by OEA staff (this step may involve intra-agency consultation).
  4. A decision is made as to whether to investigate or review the complaint situation.
  5. If the decision is made to investigate or review the complaint situation, a case file is opened.  If the decision is made not to investigate or review the complaint situation, the file is logged out and the file is closed (or maintained as open pending further information or complaints related to the complaint situation).
  6. If the decision is made to investigate or review the complaint situation, an investigation or inquiry is conducted.
  7. At the conclusion of the investigation or inquiry, actions to resolve the situation or charges against individuals are filed (note that this step may involve consultation with appropriate personnel at the Kentucky Department of Education).
  8. Once action steps or charges are made, OEA monitors the complaint situation to determine if steps are taken to resolve.
  9. Based upon monitoring review, a determination as to resolution of the problem(s) is made.  If the situation is resolved, the case is logged out and filed.  If not, the process of recommending actions or charges is recycled.
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