Capital Planning Advisory Board


Minutes of the<MeetNo1> 2nd Meeting

of the 2002 Calendar Year


<MeetMDY1> September 20, 2002


The<MeetNo2> 2nd meeting of the Capital Planning Advisory Board of the 2002 calendar year was held on<Day> Friday,<MeetMDY2> September 20, 2002, at<MeetTime> 9:00 AM CDT, at the Christian County Justice Center, Hopkinsville, Kentucky<Room>. Representative Perry Clark, Chair, called the meeting to order, and the secretary called the roll.


Present were:


Members:<Members> Representative Perry Clark, Chair; Bill Hintze, Vice Chair; Sherron Jackson, Lou Karibo, Glenn Mitchell, Norma Northern, Garlan Vanhook, and Edwin White.


Guests:  None.


LRC Staff:  Pat Ingram, Staff Administrator; Mary Lynn Collins; Nancy Osborne; and Dawn Groves.


Chairman Clark thanked Judge Edwin White for hosting the Board meeting in the recently completed Christian County Justice Center.  The Chairman noted that the previous afternoon Curtis Gamblin, Manager of Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park, graciously gave the members a tour of the Park which included the golf course addition currently under construction.


Mr. Hintze's motion to approve the minutes of the July 10, 2002, meeting was seconded by Ms. Northern and approved by voice vote.


Chairman Clark next asked Pat Ingram, Staff Administrator, to review the agenda item which provides an update on the 2004-2010 capital planning process.  Ms. Ingram said that in accordance with the Board's direction in July, staff is proceeding with development of the instructions and forms to be used for submission of the 2004-2010 agency plans.  They will be on the agenda for the Board's consideration in November.


Ms. Ingram noted that the LRC information technology staff is in the process of rewriting the system that will be used by agencies to prepare and submit their plans.  The new web-based system will provide for electronic submission of all items in the plan, whereas only parts of the plan were submitted electronically in the past.


Ms. Ingram also updated the Board on the development of criteria to use as input into the Board's project recommendation process.  She said staff is drafting a set of criterion for possible use in evaluating and scoring projects submitted by agencies in the 2004-2010 capital plans.  The scores would be assigned only to construction projects that are proposed for the first biennium of the planning period, and that involve state funds.  Ms. Ingram said the factors under consideration include whether/how a project provides for the continued use of an existing state-owned facility; whether/how the project addresses safety concerns or other government requirements; whether/how the project is related to a previously authorized project; where the project is listed on the cabinet/agency's priority ranking; to what extent financing from other than state funds is involved in the project; the primary use of the facility; and whether the project has been listed in one or more previous six-year plans.  Ms. Ingram said it should be noted that, for the most part, these factors do not address programmatic issues and aspects of the proposed projects.


Ms. Ingram noted that, as requested at the previous meeting, staff met with Board members and Council on Postsecondary Education staff Sherron Jackson and Norma Northern to discuss the application of such a system to postsecondary projects.  Representative Clark asked Mr. Jackson and Ms. Northern if their concerns regarding using the criteria for postsecondary education had been addressed.  Mr. Jackson said they were satisfied with the nature of the discussion with Ms. Ingram. 


Mr. Hintze asked if there would be an agency trial run to test the results of the new classification process.  Ms. Ingram said staff has developed a tentative set of criteria that is being tested on projects from the last planning process.


Mr. Mitchell asked Ms. Ingram if information entered into the new web-based capital planning system would also transfer into the budget request system.  Ms. Ingram said staff is working with the Governor's Office for Policy and Management to accomplish this.


Ms. Ingram briefly reviewed information in the meeting folders on state-owned and leased space in Hopkinsville, including several facilities the Board would be touring upon adjournment.  Those facilities were the Christian County Justice Center, Western State Hospital, the Murray State University Regional Campus and Breathitt Veterinary Center, and Hopkinsville Community College.


There being no further business, Mr. Karibo's motion to adjourn was seconded by Mr. Mitchell and approved by voice vote.  The meeting was adjourned and the facilities tour began at 9:20 a.m. CDT.