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Legislative Record - contact Public Bill Room,**
Daily Record
$165 even-year and $82.50 odd-year sessions (plus postage if mailed)
Individual Record
$2.75 (plus postage if mailed)
Friday Record (mailed)
$38.50 even-year and $30.25 odd-year sessions (plus postage)
Interim Legislative Record - contact Public Information,
Available to the public free of charge. Contact Bruce Phillips to be added to the mailing list.
Bills/Amendments - contact Public Bill Room,**
Complete Set of Bills & Resolutions (picked up)
$630 even-year and $425 odd-year sessions
Individual Bills (per page)
Amendments (per page)
Roll Call Votes - contact Public Bill Room,
Roll Call Votes (per page)
KY Administrative Regulations including KY Administrative Register - contact Business Office,
Service (2015 / 2016)
KY Administrative Regulations - CD
KY Administrative Register - Monthly Service
KY Administrative Register and CD
KY Administrative Regulations - Bound Volumes
KY Administrative Register and KY Administrative Regulations
KY Acts of the General Assembly - contact Business Office,
Service (2015)
Regular Session Hardbound
$40 (1 volume)
Regular Session CD
Journals - contact Business Office,
Service (2014)
House Set (Regular Session)
$160 (4 volumes)
Senate Set (Regular Session)
$120 (3 volumes)
Regular Session CD
Special Session CD

* All prices are subject to 6% Kentucky Sales Tax within Kentucky.

**Prices reflect 60- and 30-day sessions. Prices for special sessions vary depending on the length of the session and number of bills introduced.

***Publications include research reports; research memoranda; informational bulletins, including IB 210, The Constitutions of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and other publications, including the "Kentucky General Assembly Directory."