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Interims between sessions

The General Assembly is organized into standing committees with different jurisdictions during regular session. The work of standing committees concludes when the regular session is adjourned.

The period of time from that adjournment to the convening of the next regular session is known as the Interim. In an Interim (June to December), the work of the General Assembly is accomplished in committees. Committees active between sessions may be two types:
  1. Interim joint committees formed from the standing committees of both houses. For instance, the Education Committee of the Senate and the Education Committee of the House become the Interim Joint Committee on Education after the regular session.
  2. Special committees that are appointed by the LRC and function primarily during the Interim, usually to study a specific topic. Examples include the Tobacco Task Force, and the Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs.
All committees which meet during the Interim may discuss issues, prefile bills, and forward recommendations to the LRC and the General Assembly. All committee meetings are open to the public and the press. More committee information.

Statutory committees that are authorized by the Kentucky Revised Statutes or function as subcommittees of the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) may meet year round. The Government Contract Review Committee, for example, is authorized by statute to examine the contracts let by state government agencies to non-governmental entities.