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Step 1

Your legislative history research should begin with a Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) number. For example:
  • KRS 342.817

Step 2

Go to the history portion at the end of the statute and find the Kentucky Acts chapter and year:
  • Created 1994 Ky. Acts ch. 181, Part 12, sec. 47, effective April 4, 1994.

Step 3

Go to the Kentucky Acts to identify the bill's sponsor and locate the Senate or House bill number at the chapter heading.
  • CHAPTER 181
  • HB 928

Step 4

Use the Final Legislative Record to find the legislative committee(s) to which the bill was assigned.
  • Mar 3 - to Labor & Industry
  • Mar 8 - reported favorably
  • Mar 17 - received in Senate
  • Mar 18 - to Labor & Industry
  • Mar 22 - reported favorably

Step 5

Check with the Legislative Research Commission library to see if the committee minutes were taped during the session. *
Tapes may be copied for $5.00 each or you may listen to them in the library.
The LRC Public Information Office may have a video of the committee meeting.

Step 6

Committee minutes may reflect the names of people who discussed a bill and the votes taken on the bill.
These are available in the Legislative Research Commission library.

Step 7

House and Senate Journals can then be used to trace the action of the bill on chamber floors. These journals will show votes, amendments, and floor action on the bill.

  • House - HB 928 (Mar 30) Yeas 90 Nays 6
  • Senate - HB 928 (Mar 30) Yeas 23 Nays 15
* Senate and House committee hearing audio tapes are made at the discretion of the committee chairman. These tapes are not transcribed. Video tapes are made of the floor sessions by Kentucky Educational Television. Video tapes, beginning with the 1992 regular session, may be viewed in the Legislative Research Commission library, or purchased for $10/tape.

Click here for Legislative Research Commission Library information available in support of your research.