Monday, November 19, 2018

10:00 am, Annex Room 154

10:00 am, Annex Room 131
Agenda: Approval of Minutes - October 8, 2019 Liberty Mutual Insurance • Brad Busby, Manager, Education Underwriting • Chad Miller, Manager, Public Entity Client Service • Steve Brown, Consultant, Education Risk Control • Megan Allman, Manager, Public Entity Marketing • Doug Jenkins, Senior Counsel, Corporate Jefferson County School District • Dr. Marty Pollio, Superintendent Roles and Training for Law Enforcement • Dr. Terry Brooks, Kentucky Youth Advocates • Judge Steven Teske, Chief Judge, Juvenile Court of Clayton Co., GA • Pastor Edward Palmer, Chair, Subcommittee on Equity and Justice for All Youth • Donovan Fornwalt, Council on Developmental Disabilities Health Services Funding in Schools • Mahak Kalra, Kentucky Youth Advocates • Eva Stone, District Health Coordinator, Jefferson County School District Other Business

Members: Sen. Max Wise (Co-Chair), Rep. John Carney (Co-Chair), Sen. Danny Carroll, Sen. Ray S. Jones II, Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr, Sen. Johnny Ray Turner, Rep. John Blanton, Rep. George Brown Jr, Rep. Will Coursey, Rep. Brandon Reed, Jon Akers, Joe Bargione, Keith Griesser, Jerry Humble, Nasim Mohammadzadeh, Alex Payne, Andy Smith, Henry Webb

11:00 am, Annex Room 129
Agenda: Approval of the Minutes of the October 15, 2018 Meeting Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: A National and State Perspective • Alexa Craig, MD, Pediatric and Young Adult Neurology, Maine Medical Partners • Margaret Wile, Health Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures • Meghan McCann, Human Services Senior Policy Specialist, National State Conference of State Legislatures Innovative Solutions to Achieve Positive Outcomes • Paul Robinson, MBA, President and CEO, Home of the Innocents

1:00 pm, Annex Room 154
Agenda: Approval of minutes - September 10, 2018 Site-Based Decision Making Councils • Dr. Randy Poe, Superintendent, Boone County Schools • Jim Waters, President & CEO, Bluegrass Institute • Eric Kennedy, Director of Government Relations, Kentucky School Boards Association • Davonna Page, Board of Education Member, Russellville Independent Schools Statewide Academic Standards for Social Studies • Amanda Ellis, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Academic Officer, Kentucky Department of Education • Rhonda Sims, Associate Commissioner, Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability, Kentucky Department of Education • Jennifer Fraker, Policy Advisor, Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability, Kentucky Department of Education Amendment to Administrative Regulation • 702 KAR 007:065 Proposed Designation of agent to manage middle and high school interscholastic athletics • Chad Collins, General Counsel, Kentucky High School Athletics Association Other Business

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

1:00 pm, Annex Room 169
Agenda: Approval of Minutes (October 16, 2018) Correspondence and Information Items Lease Report from KCTCS - Lease Modification (Extension of Term) - System Office Renovation, Woodford County • Chris Brumett, Director of Asset Management, Kentucky Community and Technical College System Lease Report from the Finance and Administration Cabinet - Lease Renewals (Same Terms and Conditions) Report from the Office of Financial Management Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) Office of Financial Management School District Bond Issues with School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) Debt Service Participation

1:00 pm, Annex Room 129

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

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Friday, November 23, 2018

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