Monday, June 26, 2017

1:00 pm, Annex Room 154
Agenda: Testimony from Interest Groups • Ky. Public Retirees: Larry Totten, State President • Ky. Government Retirees: Jim Carroll, Co-Founder • Ky. Assoc. of Transportation Engineers/Ky. Association of Transportation Employees: T.J. Gilpin • Ky. Professional Firefighters: Joe Baer, President • Ky. Fraternal Order of Police: Nicolai Jilek • Kentucky Education Association: Stephanie Winkler, President • Kentucky Retired Teachers Association: Romanza Johnson, President • Ky. Association of School Superintendents: Dr. Tom Shelton, Executive Director • Ky. Assoc. of Counties/Ky. League of Cities: Shellie Hampton, KACO Dir. of Govt. Relations; Bryanna Carroll, KLC Govt. Affairs Mgr. • University Employers: David McFaddin, Eastern Kentucky University Vice President, Office of Engagement, Regional Stewardship and Government Relations; Tony Glisson, Western Kentucky University, Director of Human Resources; Beth Patrick, Morehead State University, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Administration • Ky. Chamber of Commerce: Dave Adkisson, President & CEO

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10:00 am, Annex Room 149
Agenda: Surprise Billing; Austin McKay, Jolie Matthews, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Kentucky Association of Health Underwriters, - Greg S. Humkey, Benefit Advisor, Employee Benefit Associates, Inc. - Christina Heckathorn, Benefit Advisor, Employee Benefit Associates, Inc. - Mindy Payne Farnsley, Benefits Specialist, Preferred Benefits, Credit Card Processing Fees Paid by Insurers, Christi LeMay, Professional Insurance Agents of Kentucky, Kentucky Department of Insurance, Nancy G. Atkins, Commissioner, Patrick O’Connor, Deputy Commissioner of Policy, Tony Butcher, Deputy Commissioner of Administration

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10:00 am, Annex Room 154
Agenda: Discussion of municipal perspectives of statutory effects on cities’ fiscal resources • Mayor Tom Watson City of Owensboro • Mr. Ed Ray, Assistant City Manager City of Owensboro • Mayor Claude Christensen City of Sadieville

1:00 pm, Annex Room 154
Agenda: Overview of 12 Constitutional Amendments Filed During 2017 Regular Session, Restoration of Voting Rights for Convicted Felons/Amend Section 145, SB 69- Senator Neal, Increase Amount of Homestead Exemption to Full Assessed Value of Property for Totally Disabled Veterans whose Disabilities are Service Connected/Amend Section 170, HB 59- Representative Kay, Term Limits for Members of the General Assembly/Amend Section 32, HB 49- Representative Imes, HB 267- Representative Kay, Compensation for Members of the General Assembly Suspended When a Special Session has Been Called After the GA Failed to Pass a Budget/Amend Section 42, HB 34- Representative King, Create to Permit a Legislative Body of a County to Abolish the Office of Constable/Amend to Create, HB 160- Representative Koenig, Permit General Assembly to Pass Legislation Allowing Casino Gaming with all Profits Going to Kentucky Retirement Systems/Amend Section 226, HB 373- Representative J. Miller, SB 204- Senator McGarvey, Establish Term Limits for Members of the General Assembly; Statewide Constitutionally Elected Officers to be Elected in Even Numbered Years Beginning in 2024; Restore Voting Rights to Convicted Felons; and Extend the Hours of Polling Places During a Regular Election until 8:00 p.m. and Require Polling Places to be Open on the Saturday Before a Regular Election/Amend Section 32, 95, 145 & 148, SB 251- Senator McGarvey, Statewide Constitutionally Elected Officers to be Elected in Even Numbered Years Beginning in 2024/Amend Section 95, HB 81- Representative Imes, SB 52- Senator McDaniel, Permit Members of the General Assembly to Override an Administrative Regulation/Amend Section 29, 2018 RS BR 40-Representative Imes

Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Friday, June 30, 2017

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