The following agenda does not take into consideration all of the administrative regulations

that may be deferred by the promulgating agency or that may be removed in order to complete

the public comment process. Please contact the Regulations Compiler's Office for updates.



TENTATIVE AGENDA, June 13, 2017 at 1:00 p.m., Room 149, Capitol Annex



Education Professional Standards Board

Teaching Certificates

16 KAR 2:020. Occupation-based career and technical education certification.

Educator Preparation

16 KAR 5:020. Standards for admission to educator preparation.

Advanced Certification and Rank

16 KAR 8:040. Ranking of occupation-based career and technical education teachers.



Office of Consumer Protection

Division of Consumer Protection

40 KAR 2:145. Funeral planning declaration form.

40 KAR 2:150. Cremation forms and inspections.



Board of Pharmacy


201 KAR 2:074. Pharmacy services in hospitals or other organized health care facilities.

Board of Physical Therapy


201 KAR 22:070. Requirements for foreign-educated physical therapists.

Board of Psychology


201 KAR 26:125. Health service provider designation. (Not Amended After Comments)

201 KAR 26:130. Grievance. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:140. Procedures for disciplinary hearings. (Not Amended After Comments)

201 KAR 26:145. Code of conduct. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:155. Licensed psychologist: application procedures and temporary license. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:160. Fee schedule. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:165. Inactive status. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:171. Requirements for supervision. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:175. Continuing education. (Amended After Comments)

201 KAR 26:180. Requirements for granting licensure as a psychologist by reciprocity. (Amended After Comments)

201 KAR 26:185. Requirements for granting licensure as a psychologist to an applicant licensed in another state. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:190. Requirements for supervised professional experience. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:200. Education requirements for licensure as a psychologist. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:210. Educational requirements for licensure as a licensed psychological associate. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:215. Nonresident status. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:225. Renewal and reinstatement. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:250. Employment of a psychological associate. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:280. Licensed psychological associate: application procedures and temporary license. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 26:290. Licensed psychological practitioner: application procedures. (Deferred from May)

Board for Licensing for Marriage and Family Therapists


201 KAR 32:050. Code of ethics. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 32:060. Continuing education requirements. (Deferred from May)

Board of Licensure for Professional Art Therapists


201 KAR 34:020. Fees.

201 KAR 34:030. Continuing education requirements.

201 KAR 34:050. Complaint procedure.

Office of Occupations and Professions

Board of Interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


201 KAR 39:001. Definitions for 201 KAR Chapter 39. (Amended After Comments)

201 KAR 39:030. Application; qualifications for licensure; and certification levels. (Not Amended After Comments)

201 KAR 39:050. Renewal of licenses, extension of temporary licenses and reinstatement. (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 39:070. Application and qualifications for temporary licensure. (Amended After Comments)

Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics


201 KAR 44:090. Requirements for licensure as an orthotist, prosthetist, orthotist prosthetist, pedorthist, or orthotic fitter on or after January 1, 2013.

Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy


201 KAR 46:035. Practice standards, scopes of practice, and ethical standards.

201 KAR 46:040. Medical imaging technologist, advanced imaging professional, radiographer, nuclear medicine technologist, and radiation therapist licenses. (Amended After Comments) (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 46:060. Continuing education requirements. (Deferred from April)

201 KAR 46:070. Violations and enforcement. (Not Amended After Comments) (Deferred from May)

201 KAR 46:090. Complaint process and administrative hearings. (Not Amended After Comments) (Deferred from May)



Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources


301 KAR 2:221. Waterfowl seasons and limits.

301 KAR 2:300. Black bear seasons and requirements.

Hunting and Fishing

301 KAR 3:022. License, tag, and permit fees.



Office of the Secretary


400 KAR 1:001. Definitions for 400 KAR Chapter 1. (Not Amended After Comments)

400 KAR 1:031. Repeal of 400 KAR 1:030. (Deferred from May)

400 KAR 1:090. Administrative hearings practice provisions. (Amended After Comments)

400 KAR 1:100. General administrative hearing practice provisions relating to matters brought under KRS Chapters 146, 149, 151, 223, and 224. (Deferred from May)

Department for Environmental Protection

Division of Air Quality

Environmental Protection

401 KAR 100:011. Repeal of 100:010. (Deferred from May)

Department of Natural Resources

Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement

Surface Effects of Noncoal Mining

405 KAR 5:095. Administrative hearings, informal settlement conferences, and general practice provisions relating to a mineral operation. (Not Amended After Comments)

General Provisions

405 KAR 7:092. Administrative hearings and assessment conferences relating to matters brought under KRS Chapter 350 relating to surface coal mining and reclamation operations, and coal exploration operations. (Not Amended After Comments)

405 KAR 7:093. Repeal of 405 KAR 7:091. (Deferred from May)



Department of Vehicle Regulation

Division of Motor Carriers

Motor Carriers

601 KAR 1:113. Transportation Network Company.



Department for Libraries and Archives

Division of Library Services


725 KAR 2:060. Certification of public librarians.

725 KAR 2:070. Certification renewal of public librarians.

Department of Workplace Development

Office of Employment and Training

Unemployment Insurance

787 KAR 1:070. Reasonable time for protesting claim. (Not Amended After Comments) (Deferred from January)

Employment Services

787 KAR 2:040 & E. Local workforce development area governance. (E expires 9-27-2017)



Department of Insurance

Health and Life Division

Health Insurance Contracts

806 KAR 17:575. Pharmacy benefit managers.

Department of Housing, Building and Construction

Division of Building Code Enforcement

Kentucky Building Code

815 KAR 7:120. Kentucky Building Code.



Office of Inspector General

Division of Healthcare

Health Services and Facilities

902 KAR 20:053. Repeal of 902 KAR 20:054.

Kentucky Board of Family Health Care Providers

902 KAR 22:011. Repeal of 902 KAR 22:010 and 902 KAR 22:030.

Controlled Substances

902 KAR 55:076. Repeal of 902 KAR 55:075 and 902 KAR 55:100.

Inspector General

906 KAR 1:081. Repeal of 906 KAR 1:080.

906 KAR 1:091. Repeal of 906 KAR 1:090.

Department for Medicaid Services

Division of Policy and Operations

Medicaid Services

907 KAR 1:041E. Repeal of 907 KAR 1:018 and 907 KAR 1:019. (E expires 9-27-2017)

Payment and Services

907 KAR 3:206E. Repeal of 907 KAR 3:205. (E expires 9-27-2017)

Outpatient Pharmacy Program

907 KAR 23:001 & E. Definitions for 907 KAR Chapter 23. (E expires 9-27-2017)

907 KAR 23:010 & E. Outpatient pharmacy program. (E expires 9-27-2017)

907 KAR 23:020 & E. Reimbursement for outpatient drugs. (E expires 9-27-2017)

Department for Aging and Independent Living

Division of Operations and Support

Aging Services

910 KAR 1:210. Kentucky Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.



Department for Environmental Protection

Division of Water

Public Water Supply

401 KAR 8:010. Definitions for 401 KAR Chapter 8. (Comments Received)

401 KAR 8:011. Repeal of 401 KAR 8:070, 401 KAR 8:101, 401 KAR 8:550, and 401 KAR 8:600. (Comments Received)

401 KAR 8:020. Public and semipublic water systems; submetering; general provisions. (Comments Received)

401 KAR 8:040. Laboratory certification. (Comments Received)

401 KAR 8:075. Consumer confidence reports and public notification. (Comments Received)

401 KAR 8:100. Design, construction, and approval of facilities and approval timetable for 401 KAR Chapter 8. (Comments Received)

401 KAR 8:250. Inorganic and organic chemical sampling, analytical techniques, maximum contaminant levels, radionuclides, and secondary standards. (Comments Received)