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Kentucky Administrative Regulations


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Chapter 2 Administration Chapter 3 Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements Chapter 4 Fees and Taxes Chapter 5 Kinds of Insurance; Limits of Risk; Reinsurance Chapter 6 Assets and Liabilities Chapter 7 Investments Chapter 8 Administration of Deposits Chapter 9 Agents, Consultants, Solicitors and Adjusters Chapter 10 Surplus Lines Chapter 11 Unauthorized Insurers' Prohibitions, Process and Advertising Chapter 12 Trade Practices and Frauds Chapter 13 Rates and Rating Organizations Chapter 14 Insurance Contract Chapter 15 Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts Chapter 17 Health Insurance Contracts Chapter 18 Group and Blanket Health Insurance Chapter 19 Credit Life Insurance and Credit Health Insurance Chapter 20 Casualty Insurance Contracts Chapter 24 Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers Chapter 26 Insider Trading of Equity Securities Chapter 30 Insurance Premium Finance Companies Chapter 37 Insurance Holding Company Systems Chapter 38 Health Maintenance Organizations Chapter 39 Motor Vehicle Reparations (No-fault) Chapter 40 Health Care Malpractice Chapter 44 Mine Subsidence Insurance Chapter 46 Liability Self-insurance Groups Chapter 47 Insurance Fraud Chapter 49 Captive Insurers Chapter 52 Workers' Compensation Self-insured Groups
KAR | Legislature Home Page