908 KAR 2:020. Personnel rules of local board.


      RELATES TO: KRS 210.120, 210.370, 210.450

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 210.450, EO 2004-726

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: EO 2004-726, effective July 9, 2004, reorganized the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and placed the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities within the cabinet. KRS 210.450 authorizes the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to set the standards and administrative regulations for the community behavioral health, developmental and intellectual disabilities center personnel files.


      Section 1. Personnel Files. A personnel file shall be established and maintained by the center for each employee of the district board. The minimum contents of a personnel file shall be:

      (1) Application for employment completed by the employee. A center may design its own form or may use the state personnel application form supplied upon request.

      (2) Professional credentials reflecting training and experience adequate for position qualification. If an employee is in a position which requires a license, registration or certificate, a current copy shall be included.

      (3) Advice of appointment or the suitable document or memorandum from the appropriate center official appointing the applicant to the position. The document shall contain conditions or terms of employment with signatures of the employer and employee.

      (4) All forms used for participation in Kentucky's Employees' Retirement System or other retirement system.

      (5) Personnel action report form to reflect any change in the status of the employee (salary change, transfer, promotion, leave, leave without pay, reclassification, change in position title, etc.).

      (6) Personnel action form reflecting termination of employment, e.g., resignation, dismissal, etc., shall appear in each terminated personnel file.

      (7) The employee position description shall include:

      (a) The title of the position;

      (b) The duties of the position;

      (c) Requirements of training and experience necessary to qualify for the position; and

      (d) A brief description of additional skills or special knowledge desirable which the applicant should possess.

      (8) These documents shall be subject to state and federal examination.


      Section 2. Personnel Policies. Each district board shall maintain a set of personnel policies for the governance of all center staff. A copy of these policies shall be filed with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services together with revisions as they occur. Personnel policies shall indicate compliance with appropriate federal and state laws and regulations and shall include the following areas of personnel administration:

      (1) Leave policies;

      (2) Salary policy; wage and price administration;

      (3) Conditions of termination;

      (4) Outside practice for professionals;

      (5) Staff development and continuing education provisions;

      (6) Fringe benefits;

      (7) Reimbursable expenses;

      (8) Employee grievance procedures;

      (9) Employee performance evaluations; and

      (10) Method of salary increments.


      Section 3. Additional Statements. (1) Copies of state statutes relevant to behavioral health, developmental and intellectual disabilities boards may be obtained from the Secretary of the Cabinet and kept on file by the behavioral health, developmental and intellectual disabilities board.

      (2) Copies of administrative regulations promulgated by the secretary under provisions of the above statutes shall be obtained from the Secretary of the Cabinet and kept on file by the behavioral health, developmental and intellectual disabilities board.

      (3) Time and attendance records shall be maintained by each center certifying days or hours worked and leave taken for all employees of the center. These records shall be subject to state and federal audit.

      (4) An organizational chart by each organization indicating administrative authority and clinical authority shall be on file.

      (5) Any employee shall be provided access to any reasonable document pertaining to the corporation or to the employee’s rights as an employee.


      Section 4. Classification and Compensation. (1) Each board shall prepare and maintain a classification plan based on the duties and responsibilities assigned to each classification. The plan shall include for each classification:

      (a) An appropriate title;

      (b) Description of duties and responsibilities;

      (c) Required education and experience; and

      (d) Other qualifications.

      (2) Each board shall adopt a compensation plan that specifies salary ranges of various classifications. All positions in each class shall be assigned the same salary range. (Recodified from 902 KAR 6:020, 3-7-1989; Am. 20 Ky.R. 2258; eff. 3-14-1994; TAm eff. 4-27-2016.)