902 KAR 4:130. Healthy Start in Childcare Program.


      RELATES TO: KRS 199.892-199.896

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 194A.050, 211.180

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 199.8945 authorizes the Cabinet for Health Services to implement a Healthy Start in Childcare Program for the purpose of improving the quality of care specific to health, safety and nutrition of children in childcare. This administrative regulation establishes the services provided by the Healthy Start in Childcare Program and the requirements for organizations and individuals that provide these services.


      Section 1. Definitions. (1) "Childcare health consultant" means a person who has successfully completed a training program approved by the department based on the National Training Institute for Childcare Health Consultants and who is minimally qualified as:

      (a) An individual having a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree from an accredited college or university;

      (b) A registered nurse; or

      (c) A public health administrator/director.

      (2) "Childcare provider" means one (1) of the following organizations or individuals:

      (a) A child day care facility licensed under 922 KAR 2:090;

      (b) A certified family child care home certified under 922 KAR 2:100; or

      (c) An enrolled unregulated childcare provider receiving a public subsidy for child care by the Cabinet for Families and Children as described in KRS 199.8994(6)(a).

      (3) "Collaboration" means a group of entities working together toward the common goal of quality childcare.

      (4) "Consultation" means to confer for the purposes of decision making or planning activities to improve childcare services specific to health, safety and nutrition.

      (5) "Department" means the Department for Public Health or its designated representative.

      (6) "Healthy Start in Childcare Program" means services described in KRS 199.8945(1) that are made available to parents and staff of childcare providers.

      (7) "Healthy Start provider" means a local agency subscribing to staff and training requirements, and reporting requirements of the Healthy Start in Childcare Program.

      (8) "Public health administrator/director" means a person who is currently the director of a district or independent local health department in Kentucky.

      (9) "Registered nurse" means a person who has a valid license from the Kentucky Board of Nursing as a registered nurse or advanced registered nurse practitioner.


      Section 2. Healthy Start Provider Qualifications. (1) Healthy Start Childcare Program services shall be provided by a local health department or a subcontractor of the local health department.

      (2) A local health department shall meet the requirements to provide Healthy Start in childcare services if:

      (a) Its staff or contractor receives training approved by the department based on the National Training Institute for Childcare Health Consultants;

      (b) It assures that appropriate staff meets the training and qualification requirements of the department pursuant to Section 1(1) of this administrative regulation;

      (c) It provides Health Start Childcare Program services described in Section 3 of this administrative regulation; and

      (d) It reports program data on a schedule as described in Section 4 of this administrative regulation.


      Section 3. Services. The Healthy Start in Childcare Program shall consist of the following services:

      (1) Collaborating with local childcare resource and referral agencies in planning and coordination of Healthy Start in Childcare Program services within the service area of the local health department or contractor.

      (2) Visiting each licensed and certified childcare provider in the service area.

      (3) Contacting each newly enrolled, unregulated provider of childcare services in the service area within thirty (30) days after notification by the Cabinet for Families and Children, for those providers newly enrolled after the effective date of this administrative regulation.

      (4) Providing consultation to childcare provider staff and parents on request. Consultation can be provided by telephone or on-site. Consultation is voluntary and shall not be construed as regulatory.

      (5) Providing training to childcare provider staff, parents, children, and others upon request.


Section 4. Reporting Requirements. Each local health department participating in the Healthy Start in Childcare Program shall provide a report of program activity to include:

      (1) The number of on-site visits to childcare providers.

      (2) The number of consultations provided to:

      (a) Licensed childcare facilities;

      (b) Certified childcare facilities;

      (c) Enrolled childcare providers; and

      (d) Other organizations.

      (3) The number of training activities listed by topic provided to:

      (a) Staff of childcare providers;

      (b) Parents; and

      (c) Children. (27 Ky.R. 3478; eff. 8-15-2001.)