815 KAR 35:090. Electrical Training Program standards.


      RELATES TO: KRS 227A.060, EO 2009-535

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 227A.040, 227A.060(2)(b)2, (3)(b)2, EO 2009-535

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION AND CONFORMITY: KRS 227A.060(2)(b)2 and (3)(b)2 requires applicants for licensure as a master electrician or electrician to complete training courses in electrical work acceptable to the Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction. EO 2009-535, effective June 12, 2009, reorganized the Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction as the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction, and established the commissioner, rather than executive director, as the head of the department. This administrative regulation establishes the Electrical Training Program standards.


      Section 1. Required Information. An applicant for certification as an Electrical Training Program shall complete Application for Certified Electrical Training Program, Form BCE-EL-6 and submit the following information to the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction:

      (1) Curriculum and course materials to be used;

      (2) Sample course work schedules;

      (3) Locations courses will be offered;

      (4) Availability of courses to the general public;

      (5) Fees to be charged for courses;

      (6) Identity and qualifications of teachers; and

      (7) Attendance verification procedures.


      Section 2. The Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction shall review each application for certification and shall approve certification if the standards established in Section 3 of this administrative regulation have been met.


      Section 3. The department shall certify the applicant if:

      (1) The applicant can reliably provide electrical training sufficient to allow trainees to operate safely and competently in the electrical industry;

      (2) The applicant will provide an accurate certification of attendance at all courses offered;

      (3) All courses will be taught by persons with sufficient technical knowledge of the subject matter; and

      (4) The training program includes at least 576 hours of classroom training (one (1) hour of classroom training shall be equal to sixty (60) minutes).


      Section 4. Certification Renewal. (1) The department shall review certifications of training programs every two (2) years following initial certification.

      (2) Training programs shall submit the following for consideration by the department for renewal:

      (a) Completed application Renewal Application of Certified Electrical Training Program, Form BCE-EL-7; and

      (b) All items required by Section 1 of this administrative regulation for initial certification updated to reflect the current training program curriculum.


      Section 5. An applicant denied certification may request that an administrative hearing be held pursuant to KRS Chapter 13B.


      Section 6. Certification may be revoked if the office determines after a hearing pursuant to KRS Chapter 13B that the individual or organization no longer meets the requirements of Section 3 of this administrative regulation.


      Section 7. (1) For a licensing applicant attending approved training programs consisting of more than 576 hours:

      (a) The applicant may apply for licensure after a department-approved interim Credential Form, is submitted to the department from the director of an approved training program; and

      (b) Confirmation is made by the department that the applicant has completed 576 or more hours of the approved training program.

      (2) The Interim Credential Form shall include the:

      (a) Name of the applicant;

      (b) Number of hours completed by the applicant;

      (c) Title of the program completed; and

      (d) Notarized signature of the training program agent or representative.


      Section 8. On written request by an applicant for licensure as an electrician or master electrician, the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction, with advice from the Electrical Advisory Committee, shall recognize a training program completed in another state if the applicant demonstrates that the program would comply with the requirements of Section 1 of this administrative regulation.


      Section 9. Incorporation by Reference. (1) The following material is incorporated by reference:

      (a) "Application for Certified Electrical Training Program", Form BCE-EL-6, August 2009 edition; and

      (b) "Renewal Application of Certified Electrical Training Program", Form BCE-EL-7, August 2009 edition.

      (2) This material may be inspected, copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, 101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-5405, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (31 Ky.R. 1756; Am. 1979; eff. 7-1-2005; 36 Ky.R. 692; 1039; eff. 12-4-2009.)