815 KAR 20:018. State plumbing code committee budget review and responsibility.


      RELATES TO: KRS 318.071, 318.136, 318.170, EO 2009-535

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 318.130, EO 2009-535

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 318.130 requires the Office of Housing, Buildings, and Construction to promulgate administrative regulations which put into effect a State Plumbing Code. Additionally, KRS 318.130 authorizes the office to adopt reasonable rules or administrative regulations, after review by the State Plumbing Code Committee, to administer KRS Chapter 318. EO 2009-535, effective June 12, 2009, reorganized the Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction as the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction, and established the commissioner, rather than executive director, as the head of the department. This administrative regulation establishes quarterly reviews of the Division of Plumbing's budget and fee schedule by the State Plumbing Code Committee.


      Section 1. Budget Review. (1) The following shall be provided at least quarterly to each member of the State Plumbing Code Committee by the Division of Plumbing:

      (a) A current fiscal year detailed financial report consisting of current balances;

      (b) A revenue report showing all revenue sources of the Division;

      (c) Expenditure summaries showing expenditures including total personnel costs and operating expenses; and

      (d) Any transfers made or scheduled, either to or from the Division's trust and agency funds established in KRS 318.136.

      (2) The detailed report shall be delivered to each committee member at least ten (10) business days prior to each quarterly meeting of the State Plumbing Code Committee.


      Section 2. If the Division's trust fund balance exceeds $500,000:

      (1) The State Plumbing Code Committee shall:

      (a) Review the Division's staffing;

      (b) Review the following fees:

      1. Examination;

      2. License;

      3. Plumbing installation; and

      4. Medical gas permitting;

      (c) Review the division's current level of service; and

      (d) Recommend changes needed to maintain or improve the division's level of service and accurately balance revenues with expenditures.

      (2) The division shall prepare for the State Plumbing Code Committee's review:

      (a) A staffing report detailing personnel levels, personnel costs, and personnel goals; and

      (b) Fee proposals with projected effects to the division's balances from each fee. (36 Ky.R. 2271; Am. 36 Ky.R. 68; 8-6-2010.)