811 KAR 2:075. Weight allowances.


      RELATES TO: KRS 230.610-230.770


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: To regulate conditions under which Arabian, quarter horse and appaloosa racing shall be conducted in Kentucky. The function of this administrative regulation is to outline the requirements for assigning weights for the horse to race.


      Section 1. (1) Weight penalties are obligatory; weight allowance must be claimed at time of entry and shall not be waived after the posting of entries, except by consent of the stewards.

      (2) A horse shall start with only the allowance of weight to which it is entitled at time of starting, regardless of its allowance at time of entry.

      (3) Horses incurring weight penalties for a race shall not be entitled to any weight allowance for that race; horses not entitled to the first weight allowance in a race shall not be entitled to any subsequent allowance specified in the conditions.

      (4) Claim of weight allowance to which a horse is not entitled shall not disqualify unless protest is made in writing and lodged with stewards at least one (1) hour before post time.

      (5) No horse shall incur a weight penalty or be barred from any race for having been placed second or lower in any race; nor shall a horse be given a weight allowance for failure to finish second or lower in any race.

      (6) No horse shall receive allowance of weight nor be relieved of extra weight for having been beaten in one (1) or more races, but this rule shall not prohibit maiden allowances or allowances to horse that have not won a race within a specified period or a race of a specified value.

      (7) In determining eligibility, allowances and penalties, the reports, records, and statistics as published in the Daily Racing Form and the monthly chart books, or corresponding official publications of any foreign country, shall be considered.

      (8) Horses winning races at unrecognized meetings shall not be penalized for such winnings in races run thereafter under the jurisdiction of the commission.

      (9) Jockeys shall be weighed out for their respective mounts by the clerk of scales not less than fifteen (15) minutes before post time (see also 811 KAR 2:050, Section 11(1)).

      (10) A jockey's weight shall include his clothing, boots, goggles, saddle and its attachments or any other equipment except as specified. None of the following items shall be included in the jockey's weight: whip, bridle, bit or reins, safety helmet, blinkers, or number cloth (see also 811 KAR 2:050, Section 11(4)).

      (11) Five (5) pounds is the limit of overweight any horse is permitted to carry (see also 811 KAR 1:050, Section 11(2)).

      (12) Only valets furnished by the association shall assist jockeys in weighing out.

      (13) After a race has been run, the jockey shall ride promptly to the finish line and there dismount and present himself to the clerk of scales to be weighed in. He shall carry over to the scales all pieces of equipment with which he weighed out.

      (14) Each jockey shall weigh in at the same weight as that at which he weighed out, and if short of it by more than two (2) pounds, his mount shall be disqualified.

      (15) No jockey shall weigh in at more than two (2) pounds over the weight at which he weighed out, except insofar as said weight may have been affected by the elements.

      (16) If a jockey is prevented from riding his mount to the finish line because of an accident or illness either to himself or his horse, he may walk or be carried to the scales, or he may be excused by the stewards from weighing in. (Recodified from 812 KAR 1:075, 6-10-87.)