811 KAR 2:070. Entries, subscriptions and declarations.


      RELATES TO: KRS 230.610-230.770

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 13A.010 et seq.

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: To regulate conditions under which quarter horse, appaloosa and Arabian racing shall be conducted in Kentucky. The function of this administrative regulation is to outline requirements for entry, subscription and declaration of horses in order to race.


      Section 1. Entering Required. No horse shall be qualified to start in any race unless such horse has been and continues to be duly entered therein. Entries or subscriptions for any horse, or the transfer of same, may be refused or cancelled by the association without notice or reason given therefor.


      Section 2. Procedure for Making Entries. (1) All entries, subscriptions, declarations, and scratches shall be lodged with the racing secretary and shall not be considered as having been made until received by the racing secretary who shall maintain a record of time of receipt of same.

      (2) Every entry must be in the name of such horse's licensed owner, as completely disclosed and registered with the racing secretary under these rules, and made by the owner, or trainer, or a person deputized by such owner or trainer, and signed by the person responsible for the entry.

      (3) Every entry must be in writing, or by telegraph promptly confirmed in writing; except that an entry may be made by telephone to the racing secretary, but must be confirmed promptly in writing should the stewards, the racing secretary, or an assistant to the racing secretary so request.

      (4) Every entry shall clearly designate the horse so entered. When entered for the first time during a meeting, every horse shall be designated by name, age, color, sex, sire, dam, and broodmare sire, as reflected by such horse's registration certification.

      (a) No horse may race unless correctly identified to the satisfaction of the stewards as being a horse duly entered.

      (b) In establishing identity of a horse, responsibility shall be borne by any person attempting to identify such horse as well as the owner of such horse, all such persons being subject to appropriate disciplinary action for incorrect identification.

      (5) No alteration may be made in any entry after the closing of entries, but an error may be corrected.

      (6) No horse may be entered in two (2) races to be run on the same day.

      (7) First time starters and horses without a past performance record at a pari-mutuel race track must complete two (2) official timed workouts, one (1) from the gate, and be approved to start by the stewards and starter before entering any race. Horses entered to race around a turn must have officially started in a race around a turn or will be required to have an official work around the turn where they are racing and must be approved by the stewards.


      Section 3. Stabling Requirement. No entry shall be accepted for any horse not stabled on association grounds where such race is to be run, unless its stabling elsewhere has been approved by the racing secretary as provided by 811 KAR 2:035.


      Section 4. Limitation as to Spouses. An entry in any race may not be accepted for a horse owned wholly or in part by, or trained by, a person whose husband or wife is under license suspension at time of such entry; except that if the license of a jockey has been suspended for a routine riding offense, then the stewards may waive this rule as to the duly licensed husband or wife of such suspended jockey.


      Section 5. Mutuel Entries. (1) All horses entered in the same race and trained by the same trainer shall be joined as a mutuel entry and single betting interest except that in order to make up to eight (8) separate betting interests, the horses may be allowed to run as separate betting interests where a trainer enters more than one (1) horse, each having bona fide separate owners, at the discretion of the stewards. All horses entered in the same race and owned wholly, or in part by the same owner or spouse thereof, shall be joined as a mutuel entry and single betting interest.

      (2) No more than two (2) horses having common ties through ownership or training as to be joined as a mutuel entry may be entered in a purse race. When making such double entry, a preference for one (1) of the horses must be made.

      (3) In no case may two (2) horses having common ties through ownership start in a race to the exclusion of a single interest. In races in which the number of starters if limited to ten (10) or less, no two (2) horses having common ties through training may start to the exclusion of a single entry.


      Section 6. Subscriptions. (1) Nominations to or entry of a horse in a stakes race is a subscription. Any subscriber to a stakes race may transfer or declare such subscription prior to closing.

      (2) Joint subscriptions and entries may be made by any one of joint owners of a horse, and each such owner shall be jointly and severally liable for all payments due thereon.

      (3) Death of a horse, or a mistake in its entry when such horse is eligible, does not release the subscriber or transferee from liability for all stakes fees due thereon. No fees paid in connection with a subscription to a stakes race that is run shall be refunded, "except as otherwise stated in the conditions of a stake race."

      (4) Death of a nominator or original subscriber to a stakes race shall not render void any subscription, entry, or right of entry thereunder. All rights, privileges, and obligations shall attach to the successor owner, including the legal representatives of the decedent.

      (5) When a horse is sold privately, or sold at public auction, or claimed, stakes engagements for such horse shall be transferred automatically with such horse to its new owner; except that, if such horse is transferred to a person whose license is suspended or otherwise unqualified to race or enter such horse, then such subscriptions shall be void as of the date of such transfer.

      (6) All stakes fees paid toward a stakes race shall be allocated to the winner thereof unless otherwise provided by the condition for such stakes race. In the event a stakes race is not run for any reason, all such subscription fees paid shall be refunded.


      Section 7. Closings. (1) Entries for purse races and subscriptions to stakes races shall close at the time designated by the association in previously published conditions for such races. If a race is not split, no entry, subscription, or declaration shall be accepted after such closing time; except that in event of an emergency, or if a purse race fails to fill them the racing secretary may, with the approval of the steward, extend such closing time.

      (2) If the hour of closing is not specified for stakes races, then subscriptions and declarations therefor may be accepted until midnight of the day of closing; provided, they are received in time for compliance with every other condition of such race.

      (3) Entries which have closed shall be compiled without delay by the racing secretary along with declarations, be posted.


      Section 8. Number of Starters in a Race. (1) The maximum number of starters in any race shall be limited to the number of starting positions afforded by the association starting gate approved by the commission as can be positioned across the width of the track at the starting point for such race; and such maximum number of starters further shall be limited by the number of horses which, in the opinion of the stewards, considering the safety of the horses and riders, and the distance from the start to the first turn, can be afforded a fair and equal start.

      (2) Any claiming race in the printed condition book for which eight (8) or more horses representing different betting interests are entered must be run. All other purse races in the printed condition book for which six (6) or more horses representing different betting interests are entered must be run.

      (3) If any purse race in the printed condition book fails to fill with the minimum number of entries required by subsection (2) of this section to be run, then the association may cancel or declare off such race. The names of all horses entered therein shall be publicly posted in the office of the racing secretary not later than 1 p.m. the same day.


      Section 9. Split or Divided Races. (1) In the event a race is cancelled or declared off, the association may split any race programmed for the same day and which may previously have been closed. Races printed in the condition book shall have preference over substitute and extra races.

      (2) When a purse race is split, forming two (2) or more separate races, the racing secretary shall give notice thereof not less than fifteen (15) minutes before such races are closed so as to grant time for the making of additional entries to such split races.

      (3) Division of entries upon the splitting of any race shall be made in accordance with the conditions under which entries and subscriptions therefor were made, and in the absence of specific prohibition by such conditions:

      (a) Horses originally joined as a mutuel entry may be placed in different divisions of a split race unless the person making such multiple entry, at the time of such entry, indicates such coupling of horses is not to be uncoupled when such race is split.

      (b) Division of entries in any split stakes race may be made according to age, or sex, or both.

      (c) Entries for any split race not divided by any method provided above by this rule, shall be divided by lot so as to provide a number of betting interests as near equal as possible for each division of such split race.


      Section 10. Post Positions. Post positions for all races shall be determined by lot, drawn in the presence of those making the entries for such race. Post positions in split races also shall be redetermined by lot in the presence of those making the entries for such split race. The racing secretary shall assign pari-mutuel numbers for each starter to conform with the post position drawn, except when a race includes two (2) or more horses joined as a single betting interest.


      Section 11. Also Eligible List. (1) If the number of entries for a purse race exceed the number of horses permitted to start in such race as provided by Section 8 of this administrative regulation, then the names of as many as eight (8) horses entered but not drawn into such race as starters shall be posted on the entry sheet as "also eligible" to start.

      (2) After any horses have been excused from a purse race at scratch time, the starting and post position of the also-eligible list shall be determined by the best preference date. Horses having equal preference dates shall be drawn by lot.

      (3) Any owner or trainer of any horse on the also-eligible list who does not wish to start such horse in such race shall so notify the racing secretary prior to scratch time for such race and such horse shall forfeit any preference to which it may have been entitled.

      (4) Where entries are closed two (2) racing days prior to the running of a race, any horse on an also-eligible list, and which also has been drawn into a race as a starter for the succeeding day, shall not be given an opportunity to be drawn into the earlier race for which he had been listed as also-eligible.


      Section 12. Preferred List; Stars. (1) The racing secretary shall maintain a list of horses which were entered but denied an opportunity to race because eliminated from a race programmed in the printed condition book either by overfilling or failure to fill. Horses so eliminated shall be awarded a preference "star" for each such elimination, and as to drawing in from the also-eligible list to subsequent races of similar distance and similar conditions, such horses shall be given preference over horses with fewer number or no preference stars.

      (2) No preference shall be given a horse otherwise entitled thereto for a race if such horse also is entered for a race on the succeeding day.

      (3) No preference shall be given a horse otherwise entitled thereto for a race unless preference is claimed at the time of entry by indicating same on the entry with the word "preferred."


      Section 13. Arrears. No horse may be entered or raced if the owner thereof is in arrears as to any stakes fees due by such owner; except with the approval of the racing secretary.


      Section 14. Declaration. Withdrawal of a horse from a race before closing thereof by the owner or trainer or person deputized by either, such being known as a "declaration," shall be made in the same manner as to form, time, and procedure as provided for the making of entries. Declarations and scratches are irrevocable. No declaration fee shall be required by any licensed association.


      Section 15. Scratches. Withdrawal of a horse from a race after closing thereof by the owner or trainer or person deputized by either, such being known as a "scratch," shall be permitted only under the following conditions:

      (1) A horse may be scratched from a stakes race for any reason at any time up until fifteen (15) minutes prior to post time for the racing preceding such stakes race by the filing in writing of such intention with the racing secretary. Upon receiving a scratch from a stakes race, the racing secretary shall promptly notify the stewards and pari-mutuel manager, and shall cause public announcement of same to be made.

      (2) No horse may be scratched from a purse race without approval of the stewards and unless such intention to scratch has been filed in writing with the racing secretary or his assistant at or before the time conspicuously posted as "scratch time." Scratch of one (1) horse coupled in a mutuel entry in a purse race must be made at or before the posted scratch time, unless permission is granted by the stewards to allow both horses to remain in the race until a later appointed scratch time therefor.

      (3) In purse races, horses that are physically disabled or sick shall be permitted to be scratched first. Should horses representing more than ten (10) betting interests in either of the two (2) daily double races, or horses representing more than eight (8) betting interests in any other purse race, remain in after horses with physical excuses have been scratched, then owners or trainers may be permitted at scratch time to scratch horses without physical excuses down to such respective minimum number for such races, this privilege to be determined by lot if an excessive number of owners or trainers wish to scratch their horses.

      (4) Entry of any horse which has been scratched, or excused from starting by the stewards, because of a physical disability or sickness shall not be accepted until the expiration of three (3) calendar days after such horse was scratched or excused. (Recodified from 812 KAR 1:070, 6-10-87; Am. 14 Ky.R. 1683; eff. 3-10-88.)