810 KAR 1:050. Steeplechase racing.


      RELATES TO: KRS 230.361


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: To regulate conditions on which steeplechase races shall be conducted when there is pari-mutuel wagering.


      Section 1. Definitions. (1) "Steeplechase race" means a running contest between thoroughbred horses, ridden by jockeys, over a prescribed course which may include obstacles or jumps and which is conducted at a racing association licensed by the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority.

      (2) For steeplechase races, "recognized meeting" means any meeting with regularly scheduled races for thoroughbreds, licensed by and conducted under administrative regulations promulgated by a governmental regulatory body, to include foreign countries which are regulated by a racing authority which has reciprocal relations with the Jockey Club of New York and whose race records may be provided an association by the Jockey Club.

      (3) "Foreign substance" is defined as all substances except those which exist naturally in the untreated horse at normal physiological concentration, and substances or metabolites thereof, which are contained in equine feeds or feed supplements, which do not contain pharmacodynamic or chemotherapeutic agents, and do not interfere with the detection of prohibited foreign substances.


      Section 2. All steeplechase races on which pari-mutuel wagering is conducted shall be in accord with this administrative regulation and all other provisions of KAR Title 810 except as noted in the sections of this administrative regulation.


      Section 3. For steeplechase races, "maiden" means a horse which, at the time of starting, has never won a race at a recognized meeting, except as follows:

      (1) In the races on the flat, a horse is still a maiden although the winner of a steeplechase.

      (2) In a steeplechase, a horse is still a maiden although the winner of a flat race.


      Section 4. For steeplechase races, a horse shall be considered a "starter" immediately upon the assistant starter dropping the flag.


      Section 5. For steeplechase races, the "weight for ages" schedule in 810 KAR 1:014, Section 1(12) shall not apply. Each association desiring to conduct steeplechase races shall submit to the authority for its approval a "weight for ages schedule for steeplechase races" as a part of its application for race dates.


      Section 6. For steeplechase races, 810 KAR 1:006, Section 33 shall not apply.


      Section 7. For steeplechase races, 810 KAR 1:012, Section 7 shall not apply.


      Section 8. For steeplechase racing 810 KAR 1:012, Section 9(3) shall not apply.


      Section 9. Notwithstanding other provisions of KAR Title 810, spurs shall be allowed for steeplechase races.


      Section 10. For licensed steeplechase associations, the provisions of 810 KAR 1:013, Section 4 shall not apply. For steeplechase races, the provisions of 810 KAR 1:013, Section 3(7) shall not apply.


      Section 11. Notwithstanding the provisions of 810 KAR 1:018 for steeplechase races, no horse participating in any race shall carry in its body any foreign substance.


      Section 12. For steeplechase races, stewards shall serve from one (1) minute after midnight on the day before entries are made until one (1) minute before midnight on the day after the last racing day of the race meeting for which they are appointed; however, if a dispute occurs or controversy arises during a race meeting which is not settled at the conclusion of the race meeting, then the power of the stewards shall be extended over the period necessary to resolve the matter, or until the matter is referred or appealed to the authority.


      Section 13. For steeplechase races, 810 KAR 1:009, Section 4(1) and (2) shall not apply. For steeplechase races, the apprentice allowance shall be ten (10) pounds until he has ridden a winner, seven (7) pounds until he has ridden an additional four (4) winners; five (5) pounds until he has ridden ten (10) winners.


      Section 14. For steeplechase races, the Jockey Club of New York registration certificate of each horse shall be filed with the horse identifier within one (1) hour after the horse's arrival on the grounds.


      Section 15. For steeplechase races, 810 KAR 1:014, Section 1(11) shall not apply and ten (10) pounds shall be the limit of overweight any horse is permitted to carry with the exception of when the rider is an amateur; in this case there shall be no limit. (15 Ky.R. 2353; Am. 16 Ky.R. 173; eff. 7-14-89; 2473; eff. 7-12-90; 18 Ky.R. 2024; eff. 2-19-92; TAm eff. 8-9-2007.)