††††† 805 KAR 7:100. Requirements for Belt Examiner.


††††† RELATES TO: KRS 352.340, 351.106


††††† NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 352.340 provides for examinations of belts to be conducted by a certified belt examiner or a certified mine foreman. KRS 351.106 requires the Commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources to promulgate administrative regulations necessary to establish a program to implement the conduct of examinations to test each applicant's knowledge and understanding of the instruction.


††††† Section 1. Belt Examiner Certification Requirements. (1) Each applicant for certification as a belt examiner shall:

††††† (a) Hold a Kentucky underground minerís certification;

††††† (b) Have a total of three (3) years practical underground mining experience;

††††† (c) Successfully complete a written and practical skills examination prescribed by the office; and

††††† (d) Understand and be able to read, speak and write the English language.


††††† Section 2. Training Course Requirements. (1) The training course for certification as a belt examiner shall include instruction in the following topics:

††††† (a) Roof control practices;

††††† (b) Mine ventilation;

††††† (c) Mine gases and instruments;

††††† (d) Fire hazards, including fire fighting and evacuation plans;

††††† (e) Inspection and reporting procedures; and

††††† (f) Use of an anemometer, methane detector, and oxygen detecting devices.

††††† (2) The training course shall also be:

††††† (a) Not less than six (6) hours in duration;

††††† (b) Taught by a Kentucky certified instructor; and

††††† (c) Limited to thirty (30) students per instructor.


††††† Section 3. Belt Examiner Certification Examination. (1) At the time of taking the belt examiner certification examination, the applicant shall provide proof of drug and alcohol-free status as set forth in KRS Chapter 351.

††††† (2) The belt examiner certification examination shall be prescribed and administered by the office and shall consist of the following two (2) parts:

††††† (a) Written, an overall grade of eighty (80) percent shall be required to pass; and

††††† (b) Practical, demonstrating proficiency with an anemometer, methane detector, and oxygen detecting devices.

††††† (3) If the applicant fails either to pass the written test or to demonstrate proficiency during the practical portion of the test, he shall be permitted one (1) opportunity to retake the portion or portions failed. The reexamination shall be conducted within thirty (30) days of the initial exam date.

††††† (4) If the applicant for certification fails to pass the written or practical portion after reexamination, he shall complete the belt examiner training course before being eligible for subsequent examination. (33 Ky.R. 3124; Am. 3414; 34 Ky.R. 32; 8-6-2007.)