805 KAR 3:120. Augering.


      RELATES TO: KRS 351.070


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: This administrative regulation is to establish safety standards controlling planning, inspection, persons not entering auger holes, operation of auger equipment, and blocking of auger holes in the Commonwealth's safety standards controlling the operations of surface type auger operations in coal mines.


      Section 1. Auger Planning. Before augering is done, advance planning shall be made to ensure that no hazards shall be created affecting active underground workings. Auger mine workings and holes drilled shall be located so as to prevent:

      (1) The interference with the ventilation system of any underground mine;

      (2) Inundation hazards from the surface to active underground workings.


      Section 2. Auger Inspection. (1) At least fifty (50) feet on each side of highwalls being drilled shall be inspected for loose material before drilling or other work in the area is begun and at least once during each operating shift. Any dangerous material shall be removed before drilling operations are begun.

      (2) When abandoned mines or abandoned parts of active mines are penetrated by drilling, machinery shall be stopped and tests shall be made at the collar of the hole for explosive gas or oxygen deficiency by a competent person qualified to use approved instruments to make such tests. If tests show the presence of either, the equipment shall not be operated until the condition has been corrected.


      Section 3. Auger Holes; Persons Not to Enter. (1) No person shall enter an auger hole for any purpose without having first received permission from a representative of the Kentucky Department for Natural Resources.

      (2) Auger machines and other related equipment on which persons are required to work during drilling operations shall be protected against falling material from highwalls by heavy gauge screen or equivalent material subject to the approval of the mine inspector. The protective screen shall permit workmen to keep the highwall in view at all times.

      (3) No work shall be done on the highwall in the vicinity of drilling equipment while it is in operation.


      Section 4. Auger Equipment; Operation. (1) Persons shall stay in the clear of the auger train while it is in motion and they shall not pass over or under the auger train except where crossing facilities are provided.

      (2) Persons must be in the clear while auger sections are being swung into position.

      (3) Auger operators shall not leave the controls of the equipment while the auger is operating.

      (4) When auger operations are performed after dark, adequate illumination shall be provided.


      Section 5. Auger Holes; Blocking. Auger holes shall be securely blocked by spoil or other suitable material before they are abandoned. (SMS-11; 1 Ky.R. 854; eff. 5-14-75; TAm eff. 8-9-2007.)