805 KAR 3:080. Travelways.


      RELATES TO: KRS 351.070


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: This administrative regulation is to establish safety standards controlling travelways in the operation of the Commonwealth's surface type coal and clay mines which include strip and auger mining operations.


      Section 1. Travelways. (1) Safe means of access shall be provided and maintained to all working places.

      (2) Crossovers, elevated walkways, elevated ramps, and stairways shall be of substantial construction, provided with handrails, and maintained in good condition. Where necessary, toeboards shall be provided.

      (3) Ladders shall be of substantial construction, maintained in good condition and regularly inspected.

      (4) Portable straight ladders shall be provided with nonslip bases, shall be placed against a safe backing at the proper angle, and set on secure footing.

      (5) Fixed ladders shall be anchored securely and installed to provide at least three (3) inches of toe clearance.

      (6) Fixed ladders shall have substantial railed landings at least every thirty (30) feet unless backguards are provided.

      (7) Steep fixed ladders (seventy (70) to ninety (90) from the horizontal) thirty (30) feet or more in length shall be provided with backguards, cages, or equivalent protection, starting at a point not more than seven (7) feet from the bottom of the ladder.

      (8) Fixed ladders shall project at least three (3) feet above landings, or substantial handholds shall be provided above the landings.

      (9) Wooden members of ladders shall not be painted.

      (10) Ladderways, stairways, walkways, and ramps shall be kept free of loose rock and extraneous materials.

      (11) Men climbing or descending ladders shall face the ladders and have both hands free for climbing.

      (12) Railed walkways shall be provided wherever persons are regularly required to walk along conveyor belts. Inclined railed walkways shall be nonskid or provided with cleats.

      (13) Openings above, below, or near travelways through which men or materials may fall shall be protected by railings, barriers, or covers. Where it is impractical to install such protective devices, adequate warning signals shall be posted.

      (14) Scaffolds and working platforms shall be of substantial construction and provided with handrails and maintained in good condition. Floorboards shall be laid properly and the scaffolds and working platforms shall not be overloaded. Working platforms shall be provided with toeboards where necessary.

      (15) Crossovers shall be provided where it is necessary to cross conveyors.

      (16) Moving conveyors shall be crossed only at designated crossover points.

      (17) Slippery walkways shall be provided with cleats and handrails and/or ropes.

      (18) Regularly used walkways and travelways shall be sanded, salted, or cleared of snow and ice as soon as practicable. (SMS-7; 1 Ky.R. 852; eff. 5-14-75.)