804 KAR 4:380. Small farm winery license.


      RELATES TO: KRS 241.010, 243.030(5), (5)(a), 243.090, 243.155, 243.730(1)(e), 243.884(2)(b), 244.165

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 241.060, 243.155(1)

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 243.155 authorizes the issuance of a small farm winery license. This administrative regulation establishes the application requirements for this license.


      Section 1. An applicant for a small farm winery license shall submit a complete, accurate, and verifiable application on form "ABC Basic" application for alcoholic beverage licenses incorporated by reference in 804 KAR 4:400 and ABC "Schedule 'M' Manufacturer and Producer License", incorporated by reference in 804 KAR 4:410.


      Section 2. In addition to the requirements established in Section 1 of this administrative regulation, in order to document annual wine production, each applicant shall submit a copy of the report forms filed by the applicant, pursuant to 27 C.F.R. 24.300(g), for the prior two (2) years with any application for a new or renewal small farm winery license.


                Section 3. A small farm winery license shall be a nonquota license and shall not be transferable to any other winery. (30 Ky.R. 1150; Am. 1514; eff. 1-5-2004; 33 Ky.R. 1156; 1535; eff. 1-5-07.)