780 KAR 7:020. Area technology center facility standards.


      RELATES TO: KRS 151B.025(3), 151B.150


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 151B.025(3) gives the Office of Career and Technical Education the responsibility for all administrative functions of the state in relation to the management, control, and operation of state-operated secondary area vocational education and technology centers. This administrative regulation establishes facility standards for an area technology center.


      Section 1. An area technology center shall meet the following standards:

      (1) The facility shall be used principally for providing career and technical education to secondary students who are available for study in preparation for entering the labor market.

      (2) The facility shall provide the technical preparation component of the educational program for secondary students.

      (3) The facility shall provide for occupational preparation programs and the appropriate related instruction. The types of programs and related instruction to be offered shall be approved by the Executive Director of the Office of Career and Technical Education and in compliance with administrative regulations for secondary students established by the Kentucky Board of Education in 705 KAR 4:231.


      Section 2. Each career and technical education program offered in the facility shall meet the minimum state requirements for teachers, curriculum, and equipment.


      Section 3. The area technology center may be available, on a need basis, to offer programs for postsecondary students.


      Section 4. The area technology center shall have sufficient land for building, expansion, and parking. (17 Ky.R. 760; eff. 10-14-90; Am. 22 Ky.R. 378; 737; eff. 10-5-95; 26 Ky.R. 2327; 27 Ky.R. 966; eff. 10-16-2000; 35 Ky.R. 1904; eff. 5-1-09.)