780 KAR 4:010. General standards.


      RELATES TO: KRS 151B.025(3), (6), 151B.145, 20 U.S.C. 2391-2415

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 151B.025(3), (6), 151B.145, 151B.150

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 151B.150 to implement the federal programs accepted by KRS 151B.145 and to promulgate necessary administrative regulations. KRS 151B.025(3) and (6) establishes program standard responsibilities for state-operated secondary career and technical education programs. This administrative regulation establishes the broad, general standards for all career and technical education programs to qualify for federal funding.


      Section 1.(1) Career and technical education programs shall be designed to serve secondary students.

      (2) Instructional programs shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex, or disability.


      Section 2. Career and technical education instruction shall be provided within the following program areas: agriculture, business and office technology, health and personal services, home economics, industrial technology education, marketing, environmental education, special career and technical education programs, and other program areas:

      (1) Agriculture;

      (2) Business and office technology;

      (3) Health and personal services;

      (4) Home economics;

      (5) Industrial technology education;

      (6) Marketing;

      (7) Environmental education;

      (8) Special career and technical education programs; and

      (9) Program areas with content regarding emerging technologies and business and industry needs.


      Section 3. The instruction shall be designed to accomplish one (1) or more of the following objectives:

      (1) Prepare individuals for employment in skilled or technical occupations;

      (2) Prepare individuals for transition from education and training to work;

      (3) Assist individuals in making meaningful occupational choices;

      (4) Upgrade and update individuals in their present occupations; or

      (5) Retrain existing workers.


      Section 4. The content of instruction in career and technical education programs shall:

      (1) Be based on a consideration of the skills, attitude, and knowledge required to achieve the objectives of instruction and include a planned sequence of those essentials of education, experience, or both as necessary for the individual to achieve objectives;

      (2) Be developed and conducted in consultation with potential employers and other individuals having skills and substantive knowledge of the occupation or the occupational fields included in instruction;

      (3) Include the most up-to-date technology and skills necessary for competencies required to meet the objectives of instruction; and

      (4) Be sufficiently extensive in duration and intensity within a scheduled unit of time to enable the student to achieve the objectives of instruction.


      Section 5. The career and technical education program of instruction shall coordinate classroom instruction with field, laboratory, cooperative work, or other work-based experience that shall be:

      (1) Appropriate to the objectives of instruction;

      (2) Of sufficient duration to develop competencies necessary for the student to achieve those objectives; and

      (3)Supervised, directed, or coordinated by a person certified by 16 KAR 2:020.


      Section 6. Recognized career and technical education student organizations and leadership activities shall be an integral part of the instructional program and shall be supervised by qualified career and technical education personnel.


      Section 7. Each program shall have an active advisory committee, as required by 780 KAR 2:030, Section 4.


      Section 8.(1) Assessment of the career and technical education programs shall be conducted in accordance with requirements and instruments approved by the Office of Career and Technical Education.

      (2) The executive director for the Office of Career and Technical Education shall designate the records and reports to be kept by local educational agencies operating approved career and technical education programs.

      (3) Staff from the Office of Career and Technical Education or the Department of Education shall make biennial evaluation visits for program improvement purposes.


      Section 9. If applicable, all career and technical education programs shall operate according to 702 KAR 4:180 and the guidelines developed by state or national licensure, certification, and registration agencies having jurisdiction over graduates who seek employment in occupations governed by those agencies.


      Section 10. The facilities for a career and technical education program shall be of adequate size and design to accommodate the activities and number of work stations unique to each program.

      (1) Classrooms; libraries; laboratories; and other facilities and instructional equipment, supplies, teaching aids, and other materials, shall be provided in quantity and quality to meet the objectives in the career and technical education instruction.

      (2) Facilities and equipment shall be approved by the executive director for the Office of Career and Technical Education in cooperation with the commissioner for the Department of Education or designee.


      Section 11. A program offered by an eligible recipient of federal funds shall be disapproved if program requirements established in this administrative regulation or 780 KAR 1:010 are not met. (17 Ky.R. 751; eff. 10-14-90; Am. 22 Ky.R. 369; 731; eff. 10-5-95; 26 Ky.R. 2324; 27 Ky.R. 964; eff. 10-16-2000; 35 Ky.R. 1879; 2241; eff. 5-1-2009.)