700 KAR 1:020. State Adult Literacy Program plan.


      RELATES TO: KRS Chapter 158

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 158.790, 158.795

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: The Education and Humanities Cabinet is authorized by KRS 158.795 to administer a statewide adult literacy program. The following rules and administrative regulations are necessary for the Education and Humanities Cabinet and the Governor's Commission on Literacy to exercise its duties. The Governor's Commission on Literacy is authorized to formulate a statewide strategy and program plan for adult literacy by KRS 158.790. It is further authorized to review and evaluate literacy programs and report findings and recommendations to the Governor, the Legislative Research Commission, and appropriate cabinet and department heads. The function of this administrative regulation is to assist in the evaluation of existing resources and to set planning goals and guidelines which will provide for optional utilization of all resources directed toward adult literacy programs.


      Section 1. Purpose. The purpose of this administrative regulation is to establish the process by which the state adult literacy program plan is prepared, amended and revised. The state adult literacy program plan should serve as a major policy document which provides a coordinated approach for identifying statewide literacy program needs and addressing major adult literacy issues, and, insuring the provision of adult literacy services for each county of the Commonwealth.


      Section 2. Definitions. (1) "Commission" means the Governor's Commission on Literacy established pursuant to KRS 158.790, which for administrative purposes is attached to the Education and Humanities Cabinet.

      (2) "Cabinet" means the Education and Humanities Cabinet acting as the body administering a statewide adult literacy program pursuant to KRS 158.795.

      (3) "State adult literacy program plan" means the document duly adopted by the Governor's Commission on Literacy and approved by the Secretary of the Education and Humanities Cabinet and the Governor.


      Section 3. State Adult Literacy Program Plan Development. (1) The commission shall determine the statewide adult literacy program needs of the Commonwealth after providing reasonable opportunity for the submission of written recommendations from appropriate state agencies which provide such services and other agencies as designated by the Governor for the purpose of making such recommendations.

      (2) The commission shall prepare, review at least biennially and revise as necessary a preliminary state adult literacy plan for the provision and coordination of adult literacy services.

      (3) The commission shall invite appropriate state agencies to review the preliminary plan and shall receive comments in writing.

      (4) The commission shall give written consideration to all comments received and specify what changes are being made in the plan in response to comment, and, if changes are not being made, specify the reasons for not changing the plan. A copy of the statements shall be available for public review and provided to those agencies which submitted comments on the plan.

      (5) The commission shall submit the preliminary state adult literacy program plan to the Secretary of the Cabinet for Education and Humanities.

      (6) After approval of the state adult literacy program plan by the secretary, the secretary shall submit the proposal plan to the Governor for approval or disapproval. (12 Ky.R. 1196; eff. 2-4-86.)