605 KAR 1:170. Temporary sale or display event license for a motor vehicle dealer trade association.


      RELATES TO: 190.010-190.990

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 190.020, 190.030(1), 190.073

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 190.030 authorizes the Motor Vehicle Commission to provide by administrative regulation for "other licensee activities and an appropriate fee therefor." 605 KAR 1:150 provides for a temporary sale location permit. Kentucky is the location of several major regional vehicle association trade shows and sales each year. This administrative regulation addresses the participation of foreign members of an association in an association sponsored sale or display located within the same metropolitan statistical area as the association.


      Section 1. "Metropolitan statistical area" means a specific geographic area as defined by the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, and shown in Kentucky Commerce Cabinet 1987 Kentucky Economic Statistics, page 88, or updated editions thereof, said publication being adopted by reference herein. All documents incorporated by reference herein are on file for public inspection at the office of the Motor Vehicle Commission, 114 West Clinton Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601.


      Section 2. No trade association of motor vehicle dealers may sponsor a display or sale of motor vehicles at any location unless an application for a temporary sale or display permit is made on forms provided by the licensor and filed with the licensor a minimum of five (5) days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the licensor before the requested permit period. The permit shall state the duration of its validity which in no event shall exceed five (5) successive days, the location for which it is issued, the name of the sponsoring association, and the names of the participating dealers.


      Section 3. A permit sought by a trade association of motor vehicle dealers shall authorize its membership's participation in a sale or display activity only at a location within the same metropolitan statistical area as the association, within this state.


      Section 4. The fee for a temporary sale event permit shall be $100 per participating dealer. (14 Ky.R. 1712; eff. 3-10-88.)