603 KAR 8:010. Transportation Scholarship Program.


      RELATES TO: KRS Chapter 176, 1986 Acts ch. 401


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: An adequate staff is essential to the efficient operation of the engineering functions within the Transportation Cabinet. The purpose of the Transportation Scholarship Program is to provide highly qualified individuals to fill the cabinet's needs and improve the overall engineering expertise available within the cabinet. This administrative regulation provides policy and procedure for the Transportation Scholarship Program for civil engineers and civil engineering technologists, or other branches of engineering if approved by the Secretary of Transportation.


      Section 1. Responsibilities. (1) The Secretary of Transportation shall be responsible for approving scholarships in civil engineering or engineering technology, or other branches of engineering when a need exists in the Transportation Cabinet.

      (2) The State Highway Engineer, subject to the approval of the Secretary of Transportation, shall be responsible for the overall policies, guidance, administration, and proper utilization of the Transportation Scholarship Program.

      (3) Universities participating in the program shall enter into a written agreement with the Transportation Cabinet in which the university agrees to accept the following responsibilities:

      (a) Appoint a scholarship selection committee from the faculty of the university department affected. That committee will receive and review applications for scholarships to attend their university and make recommendations for awards to the State Highway Engineer.

      (b) Notify all successful applicants of requirements for enrollment and attendance at the university.

      (c) Provide academic guidance and counseling to each scholarship recipient.

      (d) Provide to the Transportation Cabinet semester grades, semester grade point averages, and overall grade point averages for each scholarship student.

      (e) Aid the cabinet in overall coordination of the program and provide space for meetings.

      (f) Notify the cabinet immediately if any scholarship student fails to enroll or attend the university, or leaves the university.


      Section 2. Eligibility. To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant shall be:

      (1) A senior attending an accredited Kentucky high school, or a high school graduate who is a resident of Kentucky; or

      (2) A university student enrolled in preengineering, engineering, or engineering technology who is a resident of Kentucky and who meets minimum academic standards established by the Transportation Cabinet.


      Section 3. Application for Scholarship. An eligible applicant shall submit a scholarship application to the university the applicant desires to attend by the deadline listed on the application. Application forms are available at each of the participating universities, accredited Kentucky high schools or the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of the State Highway Engineer, State Office Building, Frankfort, Kentucky.


      Section 4. Award of Scholarship. Scholarships shall be awarded by the State Highway Engineer in accordance with recommendations by the university scholarship selection committees, except the numbers of scholarships may be reduced because of funding limitations, and except a scholarship may be denied to any student whose performance during work assignments with the cabinet has been unsatisfactory.


      Section 5. Priority System. (1) If the cabinet's need for civil engineers or civil engineering technologists exceeds the supply of available funds, a priority system for awarding scholarships shall be put into effect by the State Highway Engineer.

      (2) Priority shall be given as follows:

      (a) Priority 1 - University seniors already in the program.

      (b) Priority 2 - University juniors already in the program.

      (c) Priority 3 - University sophomores already in the program.

      (d) Priority 4 - Upper-class university students not in the program.

      (e) Priority 5 - High school graduates applying for university freshman scholarships.


      Section 6. Benefits. (1) Subject to the availability of funds and changes in the cost of attending the universities, benefits for the scholarship students shall consist of a monthly stipend paid during the normal academic year.

      (2) Stipend payments shall not be made during summer school unless a student is attending a surveying camp which is required for graduation and for which university credit is awarded. Such students shall continue on stipend during the camp.

      (3) Benefits shall be payable to scholarship recipients enrolled in preengineering, civil engineering, or civil engineering technology at a state university which has a written agreement with the Transportation Cabinet. Scholarship recipients enrolled in other engineering programs will be paid benefits only if the Secretary of Transportation has declared there is a need in the Transportation Cabinet for engineers in branches other than civil.


      Section 7. Scholarship Students. An applicant who is awarded a transportation scholarship shall comply with the following:

      (1) Apply, be accepted, an enroll as a full-time student in preengineering, civil engineering, or civil engineering technology at a university with an agreement with the Transportation Cabinet.

      (2) Pay all university tuition and fees, room, board, and book costs.

      (3) Execute a contract with the Transportation Cabinet which requires at a minimum that:

      (a) He shall provide the cabinet, on request, copies of all grade reports issued by the university.

      (b) He shall pursue a degree in civil engineering or civil engineering technology on a full-time basis and maintain adequate grades as established by the Transportation Cabinet.

      (c) He shall work one (1) calendar year for the Transportation Cabinet after graduation for each academic year a scholarship was received. Employment by any other agency of state government shall not satisfy this obligation.

      (d) He shall refund all scholarship monies received in the event he breaches the scholarship program contract.

      (e) He shall forfeit or refund the scholarship monies in the event he resigns from the Transportation Cabinet or scholarship program before completing the work obligation, fails to make adequate grades, fails to remain in school full-time pursuing a degree in engineering or engineering technology, or is dismissed after permanent employment due to his violation of any personnel statutes or administrative regulation before completing the work obligation.


      Section 8. Work performed as a seasonal employee during periods a scholarship student is not in school shall not count toward the student's work obligation. However, if a student fails to complete a degree in civil or other branch of engineering or engineering technology but subsequently becomes a permanent, full-time employee of the Transportation Cabinet, work performed as a permanent, full-time employee shall satisfy the student's work obligation on a month-for-month basis. (11 Ky.R. 1103; eff. 3-12-85; Am. 14 Ky.R. 275; eff. 9-10-87.)