603 KAR 3:030. Primary road system classifications.


      RELATES TO: KRS 177.020


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 177.020 authorizes the Department of Highways to establish, construct, reconstruct and maintain public roads as a part of the State Primary Road System as defined by KRS 177.020(1). This administrative regulation is adopted to establish and classify the State Primary Road System.


      Section 1. As authorized by KRS 177.020 the following classification of roads is established as the State Primary Road System:

      (1) State primary system.

      (a) Interstate highways: those routes designated as interstate routes.

      (b) Parkways (tollroads): those routes designated as parkways on which toll is paid.

      (c) Other state primary highways: those routes which are considered to be long distance, high volume intrastate routes that are of statewide significance. The routes have mobility as their prime function and are distinguished by high traffic-carrying capacity. These routes link major urban centers within the state and/or serve as major interregional corridors.

      (2) State secondary system. These highways are shorter distance routes of regional significance with both access to land use activity and mobility as their functions. They generally have less traffic-carrying capacity and a more impeded traffic flow than the state primary system highways. These routes serve the smaller cities and county seats within a region and link important traffic generators to most of the developed areas within the region.

      (3) Rural secondary system. These roads are routes of subregional significance with access to land use activity as their prime function. These routes link locally important traffic generators with their service areas, are usually considered to be farm-to-market roads, urban arterial streets and other collector facilities.

      (4) Supplemental roads. These roads are routes and unnumbered roadways which are being maintained by the Transportation Cabinet and which are not included in one (1) of the higher system classifications because they fail to meet the functional classification criteria of that system. These routes and roadways are generally of short distance and may begin and end without regard to road junctions.


      Section 2. All roads or city streets or segments thereof adopted as a part of the state primary road system and all eliminations of such roads or city streets from said system shall be indicated by an official order which shall, upon being signed by the Commissioner, Department of Highways, or his designated representative, be kept on file in the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, Frankfort, Kentucky 40622. (HIWA-SPRS; 1 Ky.R. 814; eff. 5-14-75; Am. 12 Ky.R. 357; eff. 10-8-85.)