600 KAR 2:040. Appearance requirements and uniforms of Division of Toll Facilities' employees.


      RELATES TO: KRS 12.040, 12.080, Chapters 18A, 174

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 12.040, 12.080, 174.080

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: Because the toll collectors and the maintenance personnel on the Commonwealth turnpikes and toll roads are in positions of constant public attention and represent the Commonwealth to much of the traveling public, the Transportation Cabinet provides uniforms for their use. This administrative regulation is adopted to specify the responsibilities of the employees in maintaining their uniforms and personal appearance so that they are a credit to the Commonwealth.


      Section 1. Care and Maintenance of Uniforms. (1) The Transportation Cabinet is responsible for providing, at its expense, an ample supply of uniforms to and instructing toll collectors and toll facilities maintenance personnel in the proper wearing and use of the uniforms issued to said personnel. The cabinet is responsible for making necessary initial alterations to the uniforms.

      (2) A uniform must be worn as issued while the employee is on duty. The employee must present a neat and clean appearance.

      (3) The employee is responsible for uniform cleaning, pressing and minor repair such as button replacement. The employee is also responsible for any subsequent alterations which have been approved by the Transportation Cabinet.

      (4) The employee must not wear the uniform in nonduty activities other than travel to and from the employee's work station.

      (5) An employee may exchange a nonfitting uniform which is still in good condition for another uniform that fits properly.

      (6) An employee may without prejudice exchange a uniform that is not capable of conforming to the standards required by this administrative regulation.


      Section 2. Damaged or Severely Altered Uniforms. (1) The employee must reimburse the cabinet for uniforms that have been damaged through abuse, neglect, unauthorized alterations or that have been lost or otherwise have been rendered unsuitable for reissue prior to the end of the expected three (3) year life of the uniform. The amount charged for the uniform will be prorated based on its purchase price and the portion of the three (3) years durability expectancy it has been in service.


      Section 3. Termination of Employee. In the event an employee resigns or otherwise terminates his employment with the Division of Toll Facilities, the employee shall return all uniforms issued to the employee during the preceding three (3) years. If any uniform is not returned or is damaged or altered in an unauthorized manner, the employee shall be responsible for such damage or loss sustained by the cabinet. Payment will be based on the age of the uniform, original purchase price and condition of the returned uniform.


      Section 4. Personal Appearance and Hygiene of Employees. (1) At work, employees must present a clean, well-groomed appearance. Men's hair must be clean, neatly trimmed and cut so that it will not cover the ears or any portion thereof and so that it will not touch the collar of the uniform dress shirt. Sideburns must not extend below the lowest part of the opening of the ear. "Afro" hair styles must not be longer than two (2) inches from the scalp.

      (2) Beards or goatees are prohibited. Mustaches must be neatly trimmed and must not extend below the corner of the mouth or over the top of the lip.

      (3) Women's hair must be clean and be easily maintained and presentable at all times. Women's hair must be styled so as not to obstruct vision.

      (4) Fingernails must be clean and neatly trimmed.

      (5) Shoes must be black or navy blue, clean and shined.


      Section 5. Disciplinary Action. The Transportation Cabinet may take disciplinary action against any uniformed Division of Toll Facilities' employee who violates any provision of this administrative regulation. (11 Ky.R. 909; eff. 12-11-84.)