505 KAR 2:210. Application for construction, expansion or renovation.


      RELATES TO: KRS 15A.210-15A.240


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 15A.210 mandates that the Department of Juvenile Justice issue administrative regulations governing juvenile detention centers and juvenile holding facilities.


      Section 1. Purpose. The purpose of this administrative regulation is to provide minimum standards for the construction, expansion or renovation of juvenile detention facilities and for measuring compliance of existing juvenile detention facilities in accordance with 505 KAR 2:010 through 505 KAR 2:200.


      Section 2. Consultation. The Department of Juvenile Justice may upon request provide for any county government which wishes to remodel an existing juvenile detention facility or construct a new juvenile detention facility, a consultant knowledgeable in the design, utilization, and operation of juvenile detention facilities. The consultant shall meet with the appropriate officials of that county and advise them in matters including the following:

      (1) Site selection;

      (2) Probable need as it relates to capacity and types of juveniles to be housed;

      (3) Sources of financing for construction;

      (4) Laws and administrative regulations relating to facilities for juveniles;

      (5) Sources of revenue for operations of the juvenile detention facility;

      (6) Probable cost for operation of the juvenile detention facility; and

      (7) Potential for shared facilities with adjoining counties.


      Section 3. Approval. A juvenile detention facility shall not be built without prior approval by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The criteria considered in the approval process shall include the following:

      (1) Size;

      (2) Proximity to courts;

      (3) Proximity to community resources;

      (4) Availability of public transportation;

      (5) Environmental health;

      (6) Adequate parking;

      (7) Provisions for future expansion; and

      (8) Department of Juvenile Justice initiatives.


      Section 4. Construction Documents. Prior to the construction, expansion, or renovation of any juvenile detention facility, plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Department of Juvenile Justice for review and approval as follows:

      (1) Programming phase. This submission shall show:

      (a) Statement of general goals and purposes of the facility including a written program philosophy;

      (b) Description of services to be provided;

      (c) Evaluation of any existing facility;

      (d) Assessment of the impact of facility on overall operation of parent agency;

      (e) Population analysis;

      (f) Space requirements based on population analysis and standards for the facility and site outlined in 505 KAR 2:010 through 505 KAR 2:200;

      (g) Alternate means of satisfying space requirements;

      (h) Needs assessment to determine bed space;

      (i) Needs assessment to determine services and programming;

      (j) Workloan analysis;

      (k) Programs analysis;

      (l) Staffing analysis;

      (m) Proposed governing authority and administration;

      (n) Cost analysis;

      (o) Financing alternatives;

      (p) Outline of time restrictions; and

      (q) Summary and recommendations.

      (2) Schematic phase.

      (a) Scale drawings of each floor plan with all proposed rooms and areas one-eighth (1/8) inch minimum;

      (b) Scale drawings of the site, locating the building, parking and other facilities - one (1) inch equals fifth (50) feet; and

      (c) Documentation of site as to criteria in Section 3 of this administrative regulation;

      (d) Sections through the proposed structure indicating ceiling heights of room, mechanical spaces, roof slopes and other related information;

      (e) Scale elevation drawings of all exterior walls; and

      (f) Schematic cost estimate.

      (3) Design development phase.

      (a) Scale drawings on each floor plan with all proposed rooms and areas with their dimensions one-eighth (1/8) inch minimum;

      (b) All necessary construction drawings including construction details;

      (c) Specifications for all materials and workmanship;

      (d) A proposed contract with general and special conditions;

      (e) Engineering calculations for the foundations, structure, heating ventilating, air conditioning, lighting, and plumbing; and

      (f) Detailed estimates of cost of land, site development, construction, financing, professional services, equipment and furnishings.

      (4) Construction document phase.

      (a) Revised design development construction drawings following review by all applicable agencies.

      (b) Signed by an architect registered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and revised if necessary to include all changes required by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

      (c) Revised design development specifications of material and workmanship following review by all applicable agencies.

      (5) Contract administration.

      (a) Signed copies of all contracts for construction financing and bonding;

      (b) Signed copies of all construction permits;

      (c) Documentation of review by all other applicable state agencies; and

      (d) All change orders shall be submitted to the Department of Juvenile Justice for review and approval.

      (6) An on-site inspection schedule shall be submitted for inspection by governing authority, contractors, and the Department of Juvenile Justice.

      (7) The Department of Juvenile Justice shall review all submissions within thirty (30) days of receipt and issue a letter of approval, acceptance with required changes, or rejection with reasons. Construction shall not be started until the construction document phase as required in subsection (4) of this section has been approved.

      (8) Depending on the site of the proposed construction, renovation or addition, the Department of Juvenile Justice may combine two (2) or more phases as outlined above for review and approval.

      (9) All changes prior to the approval of final construction documents shall require appropriate modifications to the final construction documents including redrawing of plans and rewriting of specifications. All changes after the approval of final construction documents shall require adequate documentation which fully describes and illustrates the changes which may include written and graphic addenda, field orders and change orders. In addition, a set of accurate as built drawings will be submitted to the Department of Juvenile Justice within sixty (60) days of occupancy of the facility.


      Section 5. Fee. A one (1) time processing fee of $250 shall accompany each application filed with the Department of Juvenile Justice pursuant to this administrative regulation. (26 Ky.R. 1303; Am. 1555; eff. 2-14-2000.)