505 KAR 2:080. Sanitation and hygiene.


      RELATES TO: KRS 15A.210-15A.240


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 15A.210 mandates that the Department of Juvenile Justice issue administrative regulations governing juvenile detention centers and juvenile holding facilities.


      Section 1. (1) The facility shall comply with applicable federal, state and local sanitation and health codes.

      (2) The facility shall adopt and enforce written policies and procedures which:

      (a) Require weekly sanitation inspections of all facility areas;

      (b) Provide for the control of vermin and pests;

      (c) Provide for waste disposal;

      (d) Require that articles necessary for maintaining proper personal hygiene shall be provided to all juveniles;

      (e) Provide for the issue of special and, when appropriate, protective clothing and equipment to juveniles assigned to food service, hospital, farm, garage, physical plant maintenance shops, and other special work;

      (f) Provide for the issue of suitable clean bedding and linens, to include two (2) sheets, pillow and pillowcase, one (1) mattress and sufficient blankets to provide comfort under existing temperature controls. There is provision for linen exchange at least weekly or more often when health reasons dictate;

      (g) Specify accountability for clothing and bedding issued to juveniles; and

      (h) Provide an approved shower schedule that allows daily showers and showers after strenuous exercise.

      (3) There shall be a written housekeeping plan for the facility's physical plant.

      (4) The institution's potable water source and supply, whether owned and operated by the public water department or the institution, shall be approved by an independent, outside source to be in compliance with jurisdictional laws and regulations;

      (5) Hair care services may be made available to juveniles.

      (6) Youth shall have three (3) complete sets of clean clothing, towels and wash cloths per week.

      (7) The stored supply of clothing, linens and bedding shall exceed that required for the facility's maximum juvenile population.

      (8) The institution shall provide for the thorough cleaning and, when necessary, disinfecting of juveniles' personal clothing before storage or before allowing the juvenile to keep and wear personal clothing. (26 Ky.R. 1282; Am. 1548; eff. 2-14-2000.)