505 KAR 2:070. Food service.


      RELATES TO: KRS 15A.210-15A.240


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 15A.210 mandates that the Department of Juvenile Justice issue administrative regulations governing juvenile detention centers and juvenile holding facilities.


      Section 1. (1) There shall be documentation that the facility's system of dietary allowance is reviewed at least annually by a dietician or physician to ensure compliance with nationally recommended food allowances.

      (2) Menu evaluations shall be conducted at least quarterly by facility food service supervisory staff to verify adherence to the nationally recommended basic daily servings.

      (3) The facility shall adopt and enforce written policies and procedures which:

      (a) Require that food service staff develop advanced, planned menus and substantially follow the schedule, and that in the planning and preparation of all meals, food flavor, texture, temperature, appearance and palatability are taken into consid­eration;

      (b) Provide for special diets as prescribed by appropriate medical or dental personnel;

      (c) Provide for special diets for juveniles whose religious beliefs require the adherence to religious dietary laws;

      (d) Preclude the use of food as a disciplinary measure;

      (e) Require that at least three (3) meals, of which two (2) are hot meals, are provided at regular meal times during each twenty-four (24) hour period, with no more than fourteen (14) hours between the evening meal and breakfast. Provided basic nutritional goals are met, variations may be allowed based on weekend and holiday food service demands;

      (f) Require that accurate records are maintained of all meals served;

      (g) Specify that the food services comply with the applicable sanitation and health codes as promulgated by federal, state and local authorities;

      (h) Provide for:

      1. Weekly inspection of all food service areas, including dining and food preparation areas and equipment;

      2. Sanitary, temperature-controlled storage facilities for all foods; and

      3. Daily checks of refrigerator and water temperatures by administrative, medical or dietary personnel.

      (i) Ensure that the special food needs of juveniles shall be accounted for in the overall program of the facility; and

      (j) Provide that staff members provide supervision of juveniles during meals.

      (4) A staff member, experienced in food service management, shall supervise food service operations.

      (5) The designated food service supervisor shall receive training in food service operations before assuming this responsibility.

      (6) The food service plan shall provide for a single menu for staff and juveniles.

      (7) There shall be provisions for adequate storage and loading areas and garbage disposal facilities. (26 Ky.R. 1281; Am. 1547; eff. 2-14-2000.)