††††† 505 KAR 1:070. Local juvenile delinquency prevention councils: Community Juvenile Justice Partnership Grant Program.


††††† RELATES TO: KRS 15A.300

††††† STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 15A.300(7)(d)

††††† NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 15A.300 requires the Department of Juvenile Justice to promulgate administrative regulations for the formation, operation and duties of local juvenile delinquency prevention councils, and for the administration and operation of the grant programs operated in conjunction with the prevention councils. This administrative regulation relates to the administration and operation of the grant programs.


††††† Section 1. The Community Juvenile Justice Partnership Grant Program. (1) To the extent funds are available, the department shall operate the Community Juvenile Justice Partnership Grant Program for the purpose of offering grant funding to local communities to support the development of prevention programs, projects and systems identified by a council through the local community planning process.

††††† (2) The department shall offer several types of grants, including formula grants, competitive grants, and grants of limited scope that focus on specific programs, issues, or geographic locations.

††††† (3) In order to meet grant eligibility requirements, a council shall:

††††† (a) Be in compliance with membership requirements established in 505 KAR 1:050;

††††† (b) Have designated a public agency to administer the grant; and

††††† (c) Have on file with the department:

††††† 1. Approved comprehensive or alternative plan, resource identification, and needs assessment;

††††† 2. Current required reports and filings; and

††††† 3. Copies of interagency agreements entered into pursuant to KRS 15A.300(3)(b).

††††† (4) A solicitation issued under the Community Juvenile Justice Partnership Grant Program shall be issued by the department through the local councils. A solicitation shall include:

††††† (a) A complete description of the program;

††††† (b) The problem or need to be addressed by the program;

††††† (c) Program goals and objectives;

††††† (d) The dollar amount available;

††††† (e) The duration of program;

††††† (f) Eligibility criteria;

††††† (g) Program application requirements;

††††† (h) Procedures and criteria for selection;

††††† (i) Audit requirements; and

††††† (j) Submission requirements.

††††† (5) A response to a solicitation shall be submitted initially to the local council for review, unless the solicitation specifically requires the proposal to be submitted directly to the department. The council shall review each proposal submitted to it to determine the extent to which the proposal addresses a need identified in the councilís plan and the extent to which the proposal meets the requirements established in the solicitation.

††††† (a) Each council shall develop a written process for reviewing and ranking proposals. The review shall include:

††††† 1. The extent to which the proposal meets the needs identified in the councilís plan;

††††† 2. The degree to which diverse groups are involved in the program;

††††† 3. The existence of interagency agreements;

††††† 4. The number of youth to be served by the program; and

††††† 5. The likelihood that the program can be replicated.

††††† (b) The council shall submit the ranked proposals along with the ranked list, and a recommendation for funding to the department.

††††† (c) Council members who are affiliated with an agency, public or private, which is applying for Community Juvenile Justice Partnership Grant funds, shall not participate in the review, ranking, or funding recommendations for a group of proposals that includes a proposal submitted by the affiliated agency. A council member is affiliated if he or she or an immediate member of his or her family is an employee or board member of the agency submitting the proposal.

††††† (6) The department shall review the proposals submitted and the recommendations of the council. The department shall present the recommendations of the council and recommendations of the department to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board for review. The final funding decision shall be made by the commissioner.

††††† (7) The department, or its designee, shall monitor and audit grants and subgrants awarded under the Community Juvenile Justice Partnership Grant Program.

††††† (8)(a) The department shall make awards directly to the administering agency or grant recipient.

††††† (b) The award notification shall include a list of subgrants to be funded, and the amount of funding for each subgrant.

††††† (c) The administering agency shall notify subgrant award recipients in writing of the subgrant within ten (10) days of the administering agency's receipt of the grant award notification from the department.

††††† (d) The subgrant award recipient shall accept the subgrant award in writing within ten (10) days of the receipt of the subgrant award notice from the administering agency.

††††† (e) The administering agency shall notify the department of its acceptance of the grant award within thirty (30) days of receipt of the grant award notice.

††††† (9) A Community Juvenile Justice Partnership Grant or subgrant shall be awarded for an initial twelve (12) month period. To receive continuation funding, a grantee or subgrantee shall submit a continuation proposal. Funding after the initial year shall be contingent upon the project meeting the goals identified in the proposal and the availability of funds. A project shall not be funded for more than forty-eight (48) months. (25 Ky.R. 1490; Am. 1876; eff. 2-18-99; 30 Ky.R. 427; 866; eff. 10-31-2003.)