503 KAR 1:190. Certified Court Security Officers training academy.


      RELATES TO: KRS 15.3975

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 15.330(1)(a), (f), (h),15.3975(1),

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 15.330(1)(a) authorizes the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council to prescribe standards for the approval of schools at which law enforcement training courses required under KRS 15.310 to 15.510 shall be conducted, including but not limited to minimum standards for curriculum and hours of attendance. KRS 15.330(1)(f) authorizes the council to approve law enforcement officers as having met the requirements for completion of law enforcement training. KRS 15.330(1)(h) authorizes the Council to promulgate reasonable administrative regulations to accomplish the purposes of KRS 15.310 to 15.404. This administrative regulation establishes requirements for graduation from the Department of Criminal Justice Training Certified Court Security Officer training academy and for maintenance of training records.


      Section 1. Training Academy Graduation Requirements. (1) To graduate from the department's certified court security officer training academy, a trainee shall:

      (a) Successfully complete a minimum of eighty (80) hours of training, based upon the curriculum approved by the council in accordance with KRS 15.3975 and 503 KAR 1:090;

      (b) Attain a seventy (70) percent overall score on the firearms qualification and written final examination.;

      (c) Pass the Defensive Tactics practical examination, with no major errors, for which a pass or fail designation is assigned; and

      (d) Successfully complete all other assignments, exercises, and projects included in the course.

      (2) After-hours assignments may be required and shall be successfully completed in order to pass the training area for which they were assigned.

      (3) A trainee who does not achieve a seventy (70) percent overall score or who does not pass the defensive tactics practical examination shall be considered to have failed basic training.


      Section 2. Failure and Repetition of the Training Academy. (1) A trainee who is removed from the academy due to failure shall:

      (a) Be required to repeat the entire course in order to graduate; and

      (b) Pay all applicable fees for the repeated basic training course in accordance with 503 KAR 3:030.

      (2) In accordance with 503 KAR 3:030, Section 6(2), the trainee’s employing agency shall prepay to the department the full tuition, room, and board costs of repeating the academy. The employing agency may recover the costs of repeating the course from its trainee.


      Section 3. Training Subjects. (1) The Training Academy shall be divided into twenty-nine (29) different training areas on the following subjects:

      (a) Orientation;

      (b) Introduction to Court Security Officer;

      (c) Domestic terrorism;

      (d) Court disturbances;

      (e) Disguised weapons;

      (f) Interference with judicial administration;

      (g) Family security survey;

      (h) Role of the sheriff;

      (i) Courtroom protocol;

      (j) Protecting the integrity of the jury;

      (k) Crowd control;

      (l) Bomb threats;

      (m) Transporting prisoners;

      (n) Specialized equipment;

      (o) Use of force;

      (p) Search and seizure;

      (q) The criminal justice system;

      (r) High risk trial planning;

      (s) Introduction to defensive tactics;

      (t) Ethical standards;

      (u) Warrants and civil documents;

      (v) Arrest of persons;

      (w) Force continuum;

      (x) Interpersonal communications;

      (y) Firearms lecture;

      (z) Firearms range;

      (aa) Firearms qualification;

      (bb) Firearms Decision Making (F.A.T.S.); and

      (cc) Practical test skill techniques.

      (2) If a trainee is unable to complete the training academy, but legally entitled to complete the unfinished tested modules of the course, the trainee shall restart at the beginning of the module which he or she was in when the trainee left the training academy.


      Section 4. Examinations. (1) A trainee shall be examined and shall achieve the following minimum scores in each of the listed three (3) areas:

      (a) Firearms qualification - Seventy (70) percent;

      (b) Written final examination - Seventy (70) percent; and

      (c) Defensive tactics practical examination - Pass, with no major errors.

      (2) A trainee shall be permitted one (1) reexamination in each of the three (3) areas.

      (3) A trainee who fails an examination, may request a reexamination not later than ten (10) days after the original examination.

      (4) A trainee shall not receive a certificate of completion until all tested areas are passed.


      Section 5. Absence. (1) A trainee may have excused absences from the course with approval of the director of the certified school or his designee.

      (2) An excused absence from the course which causes a trainee to miss any of the eighty (80) hours of the training shall be made up through an additional training academy assignment.

      (3) A trainee shall not be allowed excused absences for more than eight (8) hours of the hours of the academy. If a trainee misses more than eight (8) hours, he or she shall be removed from the academy and reenrolled for a subsequent academy class in accordance with Section 6 of this administrative regulation.


      Section 6. Circumstances Preventing Completion of the Training Academy. (1) If a trainee is prevented from completing the training academy due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the trainee, including injury, illness, personal tragedy, or agency emergency, he or she shall be permitted to complete the unfinished areas of the course within 180 days immediately following the termination of the extenuating circumstance, if the:

      (a) Extenuating circumstance preventing completion of basic training does not last for a period longer than one (1) year; and

      (b) Failure to complete is not caused by a preexisting physical injury or preexisting physiological condition.

      (2) If a trainee is prevented from completing the training academy course due to being called for active duty in the Kentucky National Guard or other branches of the United States Armed Forces, the trainee shall be permitted to complete the unfinished areas of the course within 180 days immediately following his or her return from active duty service.


      Section 7. Termination of Employment while Enrolled. If, while enrolled in the Training Academy, a trainee’s employment as a Certified Court Security Officer is terminated by dismissal and he or she is unable to complete the course, he or she shall complete the remaining training within one (1) year of reemployment as a certified court security officer. The trainee shall repeat basic training in its entirety if:

      (1) The break in employment exceeds one (1) year; or

      (2) The termination of employment is a result, directly or indirectly, of disciplinary action taken by the department against the trainee while enrolled in the basic training course.


      Section 8. Maintenance of Records. (1) At the conclusion of each training academy course, the department shall notify the council of each trainee who has successfully completed the course.

      (2) All training records shall be maintained in accordance with applicable provisions of KRS Chapter 171. (34 Ky.R. 2534; eff. 7-7-2008.)