502 KAR 30:020. Arrest and disposition reporting procedure.


      RELATES TO: KRS 17.110, 17.115

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 15A.160, 17.080, 17.150

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 17.110 mandates that all city and county law enforcement agencies shall submit to the Justice Cabinet, Department of State Police, photographs, and a description report of the offense on all persons arrested on a felony charge. KRS 17.115(2) requires persons in charge of any penal or correctional institution to provide the cabinet with fingerprints and descriptions on all persons committed to their custody or detained by them on cases where fingerprints and descriptions are taken, together with a report of the disposition. KRS 17.150(6) authorizes the Secretary of Justice to adopt administrative regulations that are necessary to insure the accuracy of said criminal history record information. This administrative regulation establishes arrest and disposition reporting procedures.


      Section 1. Offense Reporting Procedure. Within thirty (30) days of the arrest for an offense covered by KRS 17.110, two (2) sets of fingerprint cards, a mug shot or the negative of the mug shot, and a general description report (UOR-1) of the offense shall submitted to Records. Further, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies shall cooperate with Records by complying with a "unique numbering system" to allow court disposition tracing. The "unique numbering system" shall be accomplished by the issuance of a Uniform Citation with every felony arrest as relates to 502 KAR 30:020 subject to an agreement with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky as set out in Section 2(2) of this administrative regulation.


      Section 2. Disposition Reporting Procedures. (1) Dispositions shall be submitted from each city and county law enforcement agency to Records in the form of the Uniform Offense Report (UOR-3), or any subsequent disposition reporting instrument required by the Kentucky State Police.

      (2) Upon suitable written agreement with the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court and the Secretary of the Justice Cabinet, a unique tracking number will be assigned to each offender at the time of arrest. This unique number will be utilized throughout the movement of the offender through the criminal justice system, thereby enabling the Administrative Office of the Courts to provide a system compatible computer tape to Records for automatic update of court dispositions in the CHRI files. (11 Ky.R. 1715; eff. 6-4-85.)