502 KAR 10:010. Definitions.


      RELATES TO: KRS 332.010

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 15A.160, 332.100

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 15A.160 and 332.100 provide that the Secretary of the Justice Cabinet in cooperation with the Commissioner, Department of State Police, may adopt such administrative regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of KRS Chapter 332. This administrative regulation establishes the definitions to be utilized in the driver training schools and instructors administrative regulations.


      Section 1. As employed in the driver training and instructors administrative regulations, unless the context requires otherwise the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

      (1) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner, Department of State Police.

      (2) "Driver training instructor" means any person who gives driver training or offers a course of driver training for which a fee or tuition is charged.

      (3) "Place of business" means a designated location at which the business of the driver training school is being conducted.

      (4) "Branch office" means an approved location where the business of the driver's school is conducted, other than the principal place of business.

      (5) "High school education or the equivalent in experience" means any high school diploma or the ability to pass a General Educational Development Test. (PSfty-DTS-1; 1 Ky.R. 1031; eff. 6-11-75; Am. 12 Ky.R. 1619; eff. 5-6-86.)