501 KAR 7:030. Fiscal management.


      RELATES TO: KRS 43.070, 441.055, 441.135


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 441.055 requires the Department of Corrections to promulgate administrative regulations establishing minimum standards for jails that house state prisoners. This administrative regulation establishes fiscal management procedures to be followed in restricted custody centers.


      Section 1. Budgeting and Accounting. The center's budget and fiscal records shall be kept in accordance with the general records of the center.


      Section 2. Canteen. (1) As provided in KRS 441.135, each jailer may establish a canteen to provide prisoners with approved items not supplied by the center.

      (2) The records of income, expense, and disbursements of the canteen shall be examined annually by the Auditor of Public Accounts concurrently with the annual audit of the county conducted in accordance with KRS 43.070(1)(a), unless the Auditor of Public Accounts declines to perform the examination of the canteen fund or has failed to respond to written notice of intent to employ a certified public accountant within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice.

      (a) If the county judge/executive notifies the Auditor of Public Accounts with specific or known jail canteen fund concerns or irregularities, the auditor shall thoroughly investigate the noted concerns or irregularities in the examination if, in the auditor's judgment, the investigation is warranted.

      (b) The cost of the canteen fund audit shall be paid from the canteen fund as an allowable expense. If the jail's canteen fund is insufficient to cover the expense of the examination, the expense shall be borne by the county jail fund. (13 Ky.R. 817; eff. 11-11-1986; 31 Ky.R. 7-1-2005; 37 Ky.R. 2972; 38 Ky.R. 585; eff.10-7-2011; 42 Ky.R. 1961; eff. 3-4-2016.)