500 KAR 4:010. Definitions.


      RELATES TO: KRS 15.530, 15.540, 15.550, 15.560, 15.570

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 15A.160, 15.590

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 15.530 requires the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council to certify training for law enforcement telecommunicators and authorizes the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council to prescribe standards for schools conducting telecommunicator training courses for law enforcement units required by KRS 15.560 in order for them to gain or retain certification. This administrative regulation provides definitions of certain terms used in 500 KAR Chapter 4. KRS 15.590 authorizes the Secretary of Justice to issue administrative regulations.


      Section 1. Definitions. The following definitions shall apply in this chapter:

      (1) "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Justice Cabinet.

      (2) "Department" means the Department of Criminal Justice Training of the Justice Cabinet.

      (3) "Council" means the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council as established in KRS 15.315.

      (4) "Approval" means the act of the council in deciding that requirements have been met for the adequacy of the instructors and the schools that provide courses for gaining or retaining certification.

      (5) "Certification" means the issuance of a certificate by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council attesting to such person's satisfactory completion of an approved law enforcement telecommunicator basic training program and meeting all statutory qualifications set forth in KRS 15.540.

      (6) "Certified school" means a school which has been approved by the council to conduct courses required to be completed to gain or retain certification as a law enforcement telecommunicator.

      (7) "Recognized school" means a school which the council has not certified (e.g., the school is out of state), but which the council considers to provide training at least equal to the equivalent training offered by the department.

      (8) "Certified instructor" means a person who has been approved by the council to instruct at certified schools.

      (9) "Trainee" means a person participating in training as a student.

      (10) "Full time" means working a number of hours weekly that is standard for other employees of the same local unit of government. However, no local unit of government shall arrange, by reduction of weekly hours or otherwise, the employment conditions or duties so as to subvert the intent and purpose of KRS 15.530-15.590. This includes any employee who may also perform other assigned tasks, including but not limited to clerical duties, in addition to his telecommunicator duties.

      (11) "Radio dispatcher" as used in KRS 15.560 means "law enforcement telecommunicator." (13 Ky.R. 1807; eff. 7-2-87.)