500 KAR 2:030. Special law enforcement officers: evaluation examination.


      RELATES TO: KRS 61.906

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS Chapter 13A, 15A.160, 61.904

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 61.906 authorizes the Secretary of Justice to issue a commission to a person who has successfully completed a written, oral and practical examination, approved by the council, dealing comprehensively with certain prescribed subject areas and demonstrates knowledge and proficiency in firearms safety, range firing and first aid. This administrative regulation prescribes requirements for applying for an evaluation examination and the contents and requirements for such examinations.


      Section 1. Application. A person who desires to receive a commission as a special law enforcement officer may file an application for an evaluation examination and waiver of training requirements with the Secretary of Justice. The application is made a part hereof by reference.


      Section 2. Evaluation Examination. (1) After the Secretary of Justice has received an application for an evaluation examination and waiver and upon a determination that statutory requirements have been met, the secretary may recommend a candidate for training.

      (2) When the Secretary of Justice recommends a candidate for an evaluation examination the Department of Criminal Justice Training shall administer the examination as soon as is reasonably convenient upon written notice to the applicant.

      (3) The evaluation examination shall test the knowledge and ability of the applicant in six (6) areas. The areas are:

      (a) Introduction to law enforcement;

      (b) Law enforcement procedures;

      (c) Physical security and safety;

      (d) Firearms academics;

      (e) Firearms practical;

      (f) First aid and CPR.

      The first four (4) areas are to be tested by written testing procedures. The fifth area is to be a practical firearms proficiency test to be given on a pistol range. That test will consist of eighteen (18) rounds, fired in three (3) sets, from the "weaver stance" at the seven (7) yard line; and eighteen (18) rounds, six (6) rounds point shoulder, six (6) rounds kneeling (strong hand), six (6) rounds kneeling (weak hand), all to be fired from the fifteen (15) yard line.

      Candidates participating in the firearms practical evaluation examination shall furnish their firearms (not greater than forty-five (45) caliber) and ammunition for the exercises.

      (4) If the candidate passes fifty (50) percent or more of the five (5) examination areas he shall take and successfully complete those areas of the special law enforcement officers 120 hour basic course that are comparable to the failed areas. If the candidate fails more than fifty (50) percent of the examination areas he shall successfully take and complete the entire 120 hour basic course. Seventy (70) percent or greater of correct answers shall constitute a passing grade. If a candidate holds a valid American Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR cards or a recognized equivalent the first aid portion of the examination shall be waived. (16 Ky.R. 2074; Am. 2412; eff. 5-13-90.)