405 KAR 18:030. Signs and markers.


      RELATES TO: KRS 350.151, 350.200, 350.430, 350.465

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 350.028, 350.151, 350.200, 350.465

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS Chapter 350 in pertinent part requires the cabinet to promulgate rules and administrative regulations establishing performance standards for protection of people and property, land, water and other natural resources, and aesthetic values, during underground mining activities and for restoration and reclamation of surface areas affected by underground mining activities. This administrative regulation sets forth location and informational requirements for signs and markers at mine access points, perimeters of surface operations, stream buffer zones, surface blasting areas, and topsoil storage areas.


      Section 1. Specifications. Signs and markers required under this chapter shall:

      (1) Be posted, maintained, and removed by the permittee;

      (2) Be of a uniform design throughout the activities that can be easily seen and read;

      (3) Be made of durable material; and

      (4) Conform to local laws and regulations.


      Section 2. Duration of Maintenance. Signs and markers shall be maintained during all activities to which they pertain.


      Section 3. Mine and Permit Identification Signs. (1) Identification signs shall be displayed at each point of access to the permit area from public roads.

      (2) Signs will show the name, business address, and telephone number of the permittee and the person, if any, who conducts the surface coal mining and reclamation operation on behalf of the permittee and the identification number of the current cabinet permit authorizing underground mining activities under KRS Chapter 350.

      (3) Signs shall be retained and maintained until after the release of all bonds for the permit area.


      Section 4. Perimeter Markers. The perimeter of all areas to be affected by surface operations or facilities shall be clearly marked before the beginning of mining activities.


      Section 5. Buffer Zone Markers. Buffer zones required by 405 KAR 18:060, Section 9 shall be clearly marked to prevent disturbance by surface operations and facilities.


      Section 6. Blasting Signs. Permittees shall:

      (1) Prevent unauthorized entry to the immediate vicinity of charged holes by guarding or by conspicuous posting or flagging of the immediate vicinity.

      (2) Place at all entrances to areas of surface operations and facilities in the permit area, from public roads or highways, conspicuous signs which state "Warning: Explosives in Use."


      Section 7. Topsoil Markers. Where topsoil or other vegetation supporting material is segregated and stockpiled as required under 405 KAR 18:050, Section 3, the stockpiled material shall be clearly marked. (8 Ky.R. 1558; eff. 1-6-83.)