302 KAR 16:091. Rides and attractions not included in the definition of amusement ride or attraction.


      RELATES TO: KRS 247.232


      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 247.232(1)(b) authorizes the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture to promulgate administrative regulations to designate other rides and attractions that are not included in the definition of "amusement ride or attraction". This administrative regulation establishes the list of rides or attractions not specifically mentioned in the statute that are not included in the definition.


      Section 1. Amusement ride or attraction shall not include:

      (1) Dinner trains;

      (2) Any amusement ride or attraction utilizing animals;

      (3) Structures holding slides less than fifteen (15) feet above the ground at the base of the slide;

      (4) Items, devices, and contrivances used for educational purposes as part of a structured class or program, including team building and challenge courses;

      (5) All terrain vehicles, paddleboats, canoes, or rafts;

      (6) Haunted houses;

      (7) Hay rides;

      (8) Corn Mazes or any other noninflatable obstacle course;

      (9) Mechanical bulls;

      (10) Ski lifts, aerial lifts, or aerial tramways;

      (11) Bicycles or bicycle courses;

      (12) Children’s toys;

      (13) Watercraft other than bumper boats;

      (14) Swamp buggies;

      (15) Ice skating facilities;

      (16) Roller skating facilities;

      (17) Base jumping equipment;

      (18) Paintball equipment or courses;

      (19) Lazy rivers;

      (20) Wave pools;

      (21) Trampolines not requiring an assistive device;

      (22) Self or manual belayed rappelling equipment and facilities;

      (23) Privately owned, not open to the public, facilities;

      (24) Mobile and permanent ziplines;

      (25) Rope courses;

      (26) Tree swings;

      (27) Platform swings;

      (28) Canopy tours;

      (29) Tree platforms;

      (30) Balloons;

      (31) Pools and pool items;

      (32) Swinging bridges; and

      (33) Obstacle courses. (35 Ky.R. 2181; 2427; eff. 6-5-2009; 39 Ky.R. 94; eff. 9-14-2012.)