301 KAR 4:090. Buying and selling of inedible wildlife parts.


      RELATES TO: KRS 150.010, 150.025, 150.175, 150.180, 150.183, 150.304, 150.330, 150.370, 150.411, 150.990

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 13A.350, 150.025

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: The commissioner, with the concurrence of the commission, finds it necessary to regulate the buying and selling of inedible wildlife parts in order to assure the trade is limited to legally taken animals. The purpose of this administrative regulation is to detail procedures and responsibilities for taxidermists and others involved in storing, labeling and mounting wildlife, buying and selling inedible wildlife parts and the buying and selling of mounted wildlife specimens and products manufactured from processed wildlife.


      Section 1. Definitions. (1) "Licensed taxidermist" means any person, partnership, firm or corporation that engages in the business and accepts remuneration for the mounting of skins or other inedible wildlife parts or wildlife and who holds a license under the provisions of KRS Chapter 150.175.

      (2) "Federally protected wildlife" means any federal threatened or endangered species and any native migratory bird.

      (3) "Mounting" means to arrange processed wildlife for the purpose of display.


      Section 2. Licenses Required. (1) Any person, partnership, firm or corporation engaged in the business and accepting remuneration for mounting skins or other inedible parts of wildlife shall possess a taxidermist license. Such licenses are available by writing: Division of Fiscal Control, Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, #1 Game Farm Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. The license shall be openly displayed at the place of business and shall be open, along with all records pertaining to the business and all wildlife specimens or wildlife parts, to inspection during normal business hours by any properly authorized agent of the department.

      (2) Individuals or businesses engaged in the selling of garments or manufactured products comprised of legally taken processed wildlife are not required to possess a license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

      (3) In addition to the appropriate state license, all taxidermists who mount federally protected species must have a federal taxidermist license. Federal permit application information is available by writing: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Law Enforcement, P.O. Box 4839, Atlanta, Georgia 30302.


      Section 3. Labeling Requirements. (1) All licensed taxidermists shall keep records of the name, address and phone number of the owner and the date killed of all wildlife or wildlife parts in their possession and shall tag each specimen or part to identify its owner. Inedible parts of wildlife so tagged may be possessed year round by a licensed taxidermist.

      (2) Deer heads harvested in Kentucky or other parts separated from the carcass for mounting by a taxidermist shall have the hunter's portion of the official game check card properly filled out and attached to the separated part. Parts of deer taken out of state shall be accompanied with proof of legal harvest. (15 Ky.R. 2328; Am. 16 Ky.R. 11; eff. 6-28-89.)