301 KAR 2:125. Small game and furbearer hunting on federal areas.


RELATES TO: KRS 150.010, 150.025(1), 150.092(1), 150.250, 150.370, 150.680, 150.990


NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 150.025 authorizes the department to promulgate administrative regulations establishing seasons for taking wildlife, and to make these administrative regulations apply to a limited area or to the entire state. This administrative regulation establishes consistent season frameworks on federal areas within the Commonwealth that lie outside the regular season dates.


Section 1. On the areas listed in this administrative regulation:

(1) Season dates, bag limits and other requirements of 301 KAR 2:251, 2:049 and 2:050 shall apply unless specified otherwise in this administrative regulation.

(2) A person shall:

(a) Obtain permission, in the form of area permits, before hunting.

(b) Not hunt except on assigned dates and in assigned areas; and

(c) Obey other conditions of use imposed by the agency controlling the area.


Section 2. If hunting is not precluded by other area priorities, Fort Campbell, Fort Knox, Land Between the Lakes, Bluegrass Ordnance Depot Activity and Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge may allow hunting as specified in 301 KAR 2:251, and for:

(1) Squirrels, from June 1 through June 14;

(2) Quail and rabbit, no earlier than November 1 nor later than the last day of February;

(3) Furbearers, no earlier than October 1 nor later than the last day of February;

(4) Frogs, year round.

(5) Crows, for a maximum of 124 days between September 1 and the last day of February.


Section 3. Fort Knox shall not allow more than thirty (30) days of grouse hunting between October 1 and the last day of February.


Section 4. On Land Between the Lakes, a person hunting the species listed in this administrative regulation shall not use:

(1) Crossbows;

(2) Shotgun slugs or shot larger than BB; or

(3) Center-fire rifles or center-fire handguns, except during designated groundhog or coyote hunts. (21 Ky.R. 2841; eff. 6-14-95; Am. 24 Ky.R. 140; 568; eff. 9-10-97.)