301 KAR 2:050. Land Between the Lakes hunting requirements.


      RELATES TO: KRS 150.010, 150.025, 150.170, 150.250, 150.360, 150.640, 150.680

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 150.025, 150.680

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: This administrative regulation pertains to general rules for hunting on the Kentucky portion of Land Between the Lakes as defined in KRS 150.680. This administrative regulation is necessary to specify special hunting rules at Land Between the Lakes and to authorize conservation officers to enforce Land Between the Lakes hunting rules.


      Section 1. License Requirements. (1) Hunters shall have:

      (a) A Land Between the Lakes hunting permit; and

      (b) Unless exempted by KRS 150.170(3) through (7), a valid Kentucky hunting license.

      (2) Permits are nontransferable and may be cancelled if rules and administrative regulations are violated or if the holder is careless with firearms.

      (3) Permits may be obtained at any information station or at the Administrative Office, Golden Pond, Kentucky 42211, or through any KDSS agent.

      (4) Unless exempted by KRS 150.170(3) through (7):

      (a) Deer hunters shall possess a valid Kentucky deer tag.

      (b) Turkey hunters shall possess a valid Kentucky turkey tag.


      Section 2. General Requirements. (1) Except as noted, state and federal regulations shall apply.

      (2) Persons shall not:

      (a) Take or molest wildlife except as authorized.

      (b) Target practice except at designated ranges and with Land Between the Lakes approval.

      (c) Operate motorized vehicles except within the designated off-highway vehicle area and on Land Between the Lakes legal roads as designated by signs and listed on a map available free of charge from Land Between the Lakes.

      (d) Drive in woods, fields, foot trails, or utility rights of way; or

      (e) Block access to roads, trails, or entryways.


      Section 3. Firearms, Crossbows, and Archery Equipment. (1) Persons shall not:

      (a) Carry handguns on their person except during legal hunting hours while participating in authorized gun hunts.

      (b) Carry firearms, crossbows, or bows and arrows, except target and fishing arrows, except during authorized hunts by legally licensed and permitted hunters.

      (c) Transport in vehicles firearms with ammunition in either the chamber or magazine.

      (2) Hunters camping on Land Between the Lakes may possess legal hunting firearms, crossbows, or archery equipment one (1) day prior to, during, and one (1) day after an authorized hunt.

      (3) Firearms, crossbows, and archery equipment shall conform to applicable administrative regulations for the species being hunted.


      Section 4. Hunting and Chasing. (1) Persons shall not hunt in developed public use areas, safety zones or posted areas unless the area is designated by signs as open to hunting.

      (2) A state permit shall be required to conduct a field trial.

      (3) Between sunrise and sunset, persons shall not:

      (a) Hunt raccoon or opossum; or

      (b) Chase foxes with dogs.

      (4) Raccoons may be bagged or taken for restocking.

      (5) Dogs shall be removed by 8 a.m.

      (6) Persons participating in deer quota hunts:

      (a) Shall be selected for each hunt by computerized drawing.

      (b) Shall not submit more than one (1) application.

      (c) If under sixteen (16) years old, shall apply with an adult unless participating in a youth quota hunt.

      (d) Shall not hunt except on dates assigned to them.

      (e) Shall not change hunt dates.

      (f) Shall remain in assigned areas.

      (g) Shall take the sex of deer specified on the permit.


      Section 5. Tree Stands. (1) Nails, spikes, tree climbers, screw-in devices, or wire shall not be used for attaching stands or for climbing trees.

      (2) Existing permanent stands shall not be used.

      (3) Portable stands and climbing devices that do not injure trees may be used.

      (4) Portable stands:

      (a) Shall not be placed on trees more than two (2) weeks prior to the hunting season.

      (b) Shall be removed within one (1) week following a hunting season or portion of a split season.

      (c) Shall display the name and address of the owner. (KFWR-G-109; 1 Ky.R. 65; eff. 11-13-74; Am. 5 Ky.R. 706; eff. 5-2-79; 8 Ky.R. 1158; eff. 6-2-82; 11 Ky.R. 735; eff. 12-11-84; 14 Ky.R. 33; eff. 8-5-87; 21 Ky.R. 2732; eff. 6-14-95; 27 Ky.R. 3333; 28 Ky.R. 358; eff. 8-15-2001; 32 Ky.R. 2092; eff. 7-12-06.)