301 KAR 1:160. Stocking procedures for private waters.


      RELATES TO: KRS 150.010, 150.150

      STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 13A.350, 150.150

      NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: The commissioner, with the concurrence of the Fish and Wildlife Commission, finds it necessary to formalize stocking procedures necessary to fund and justify the stocking of fish in private waters. This amendment is necessary to delete the amount of the stocking fee which is listed in a separate administrative regulation.


      Section 1. Upon application and receipt of a nonrefundable stocking fee, any owner of a pond or lake may receive fish stocks for private waters, provided one (1) of the following conditions is met:

      (1) The pond or lake is newly impounded and contains no fish.

      (2) The pond or lake has been drained and refilled or chemically renovated and contains no fish.

      (3) The pond or lake has been checked by a fishery biologist who has recommended it for remedial stocking.


      Section 2. Species available for private waters include largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. The pond or lake must be stocked with largemouth bass and bluegill; the channel catfish are optional. Combinations of the above species are available at the discretion of the department.


      Section 3. Stocking applications shall be received by the department no later than October 1 of each year. The stocking cycle begins in late October with the delivery of bluegill and channel catfish. The cycle is then completed during May of the following year with the delivery of largemouth bass. Fish stocks are delivered to each county, with advance notice of time and place provided to each pond or lake owner. It is the responsibility of each pond or lake owner to pick up the boxed fish and place them in the designated waters following the stocking instructions which are printed on the outside of each box. (11 Ky.R. 1217; eff. 3-12-85; Am. 19 Ky.R. 456; eff. 9-23-92.)